“Anutin” worries that people stop vaccinating with only the third dose of Covid-19 The cause of the trend began to decline to normal, sending the VHV to stimulate the connection.

“Anutin” notes that the trend of “Covid” is still falling, worries that people will stop vaccinating with only the third injection. The situation started normally, although 4 injections are safer. Infected with mild symptoms, no deaths, sent to the villagers to take care of villagers to get more needles, especially 608, who injected only 43.4%, while “smallpox” has not spread’ wide

On October 19, Mr Anutin Charnvirakul, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health (MOPH) gave an interview after the meeting of the National Committee for Communicable Diseases No. 8/2565 that the meeting reported on the situation of COVID-19. where the trend is declining More than 82% of the population has been vaccinated. The group that has not received it is children under 5 years of age We have provided 3 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine 6 months-4 -year, which is supposed to come by the end of this. year. To begin with, 5 hundred thousand doses have been distributed throughout the country and have started spraying. from the Communicable Diseases Committee Ask for a stimulant injection. which is very useful after easing measures until almost normal causing a slowdown in the injection of three needles although we can inject four needles From visiting the area, it was seen that When the situation starts to be normal, it’ n stop at the third needle, which is actually safer if the fourth needle is injected. Even the infection was not serious or fatal.

In this regard, we want to do that Volunteering to take care of the villagers Received a stimulant needle, who believed that Dr Thares Krasanairawivong Director General of the Health Service Support Department who used to supervise And he now acts in place of the Director General of the Management Department Diseases, it will stimulate disease control mission to be more effective. There will be activities to gather energy. Volunteers continue to pass immunity to 608 as they still receive only 43.4% of the booster needles.

Mr said about the monkeypox situation finding confirmed cases from time to time All of them are at risk of having sex. No one is infected by other behaviors, so the public can avoid them. If not, contact various risk groups very closely. The chance of spreading would generally not occur. It should not be taken as a risk to public health. But keep an eye on the screening at all times.