“Any channel that glorifies terrorism will find the government on its way”, according to Jean Emmanuel Ouédraogo

Minister Spokesperson of the Government Jean Emmanuel Ouédraogo returned to the suspension of France 24 in Burkina Faso, during a press conference of the Government on March 30, 2023.

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“We are in a particular context of war and we are not going to accept that in this context, a media does what we consider to be apology for terrorism”, indicated the Minister Spokesperson of the government Jean Emmanuel Ouedraogo.

“Because quite simply, the leader of AQIM, still wanted, whom no one can locate, including the countries of origin of these media which reassure, however, that they have deployed all the technical and technological means, we see that the journalists are very more effective than intelligence in these countries and manage to come into contact with terrorist leaders to whom they open their antennas to propagate terrorist ideology, the ideology of violence, the ideology of division”, noted Jean Emmanuel Ouedraogo.

For him, “this ideology has bruised our country for almost 8 years now and until now we have people who are driven out of their locality, who are abused, killed, etc. »

“We believe that any channel today that will echo this terrorist ideology will see the authorities of the transition on its way,” he warned to end.


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