Any of these Minnesota-made chairs and a beer tap are required

On Saturday afternoon, the Minneapolis Convention Center for the 2019 Craft Beer Festival saw a slightly smaller crowd (but still sold out), where they saw the chair slightly more colorful, more comfortable above. You will not be able to control Westeros from him, but he will completely put you on a king / queen for another first barbeque-backyard – there is a built in beer tap at this seat.

Better yet, it is made by a local person: Minneapolis woodworker Manny Moreno. Over the last three years he has made more than 500 customized chairs, many of them heavy on the brink of Minnesota. (Think Prince, lake views, just about every sota sports team you can think of.)

This chair was commissioned by the owner of La Doña Cervecería Sergio Manancero, and Moreno contacted him with the most dangerous people to incorporate a functional beer tap during their first planning meeting.

"I tried to do some research and I couldn't find anything, so I went," Moreno said. He started the community this weekend at the festival, where there were 8,000 people, and the chairman drew the big crowd. It was very popular. "

Here's how it works: A small cubby in the back of the chair at the chair can keg 2.5 gallons to hold (with canister and CO2 controller) and lots of ice to keep it cold. A tap ball runs under the chair and the hand to the tap of one beer. There are about 24 cans of beer in a cob with about 24 cans, and the original layout gives the chair a complete set.

Yes it woodworker based in Michigan whose chairs are fitted with a mechanical system that releases beer cans. (It's a cool type.)

"But in my opinion, it is so doing too much," says Moreno. "My chair is beer colder, easier and more convenient. I recreate the experienced chairs and drink beer."

Simply put?

"This chairman is a bad ass."

People seem to agree here: He sold four more at the Craft Festival yesterday. If you want to make a beer craftsman yourself, Etsy and Moreno website are here and here.


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