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What would the Dr. John Silber BU alumna Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

The president of the Boston University was very much impressive, I say to him, with the semi-finalist military who lasted one month from Manhattan's adhesive maker to the intellectual prophet of the Democratic Party.

Which shows how much the party changed since Silber was his nominee to the regulator in 1990. During those campaigns, he was very surprised, why there was so much without illegal immigrants from "tropical climes" moving to Lawrence.

As if he did not know.

These days most televisions on television have put their eyes forward, saying that AOC has graduated from "a famous private college in Boston." Harvard is probably the audience – really a good news for BU!

This Mercy (Rang de & # 39; 11) has not had enough room to showcase the big materials since Mike Capuano was the Queen, Joe Crowley, the New Democratic Republic of New York dating from last summer . Loose Quarry – the party's modern face, thanks to 110,000 voters, even if a few of them are citizens of the US, if they are not taxpayers.

Last week, the AOC was praising the "New New Deal" – a page after the page of bad reservations, including, in essence, the removal of air transport, fossil fuel and nuclear power, without mentioning the systems removing all the heating of all United States buildings, adding "many" of trees and ending with "cow farts" (its words).

Some of the serious Democratic presidential candidates endorsed, including Kamala Harris, who were the democratic presidential candidates of the Democrats, who asked to eliminate private health insurance. In addition, the fake Indian supported the anti-flatulence campaign, which is carrying out a campaign in "Cheese Shops" in Harvard Square, and is likely to cease to have the dairy industry extinguished to end put a scourge "cow farts."

AOC's description of his plan is as follows:

"As great moments of movement in American history, in order to really accelerate our time on achieving our goals, young people are putting gas in the tank."

Gas in the tank Although gasoline is not emerging in the AOC Worldwide New Course? It's definitely meant to say "ethanol in the tank."

Following the release of the "New Toy", the AOC began its latest media ride, assuming the great turnover of democratic workers to press passports again.

On Thursday morning, on the NPR, she went out of the public from the GOP, saying, "The right tries to make items on what we are doing, as it is a feature of huge government acceptance."

After a couple of hours, even on Thursday evening, even demolishing the NBC Democratic community, Chuck Todd, after scratching his goatee squad, asked the clear question – your scheme does not need to Eradication of massive government intervention require the US economy?

"He does, he does. Yes, I have no problem to say that."


Mr Ed Markey, Mr, co-sponsor of this pre-determined effort is to restore the economy into Stone Age. Frosty, "whose last post in the Dreaded Private Sector was driving a ice cream truck in Malden in 1968. From Mr Frosty, Billy Bulger, with Silber, said:" That's a battle of wits, it comes without arms. "

Needless to say, nothing changed when it comes to Mr. Frosty – or AOC.

I used to teach BU, courses in initial journalism. Even when I was killing him in this newspaper because of his connections with the Bulger community, Silber did not try to burn me. Unlike modern Democrats, Herr Doktor believed in his speech for free. One day in 1990, I ran on the campaign. I reminded him that I was one of his journalist instructors.

He raised his eyes.

"As long as it is not a journalism ethics," he made snow.

Post-Silber, BU has gone on a computer, like all other sources of "higher" education. The faculty, if not alumni, is proud of the AOC.

I think the old thought would think otherwise, more than a bit.

Almost was dissolved in 1990. He lost the race after interviewing a local female television cache – back in time when people really looked at local television news.

But the biggest problem, in my opinion, was the Bulgers, however, despite the Silber platform as conservative reformer. It was the same year that the feeds were taken by Whitey Bulger's cocaine ring – and at least one of the 50 Southie dealers did not have job or city checks.

Despite its tremendous selection of political partners, Saving the University of Boston. He was in bankruptcy when he was employed in the early 1970's. Herr Doktor worked for the school as a range of Prussian missiles. A subsequent Bill had been inserted into the Legislation to allow campus to make campus guns on the Commonwealth Avenue.

Boston University's chancocoil was not perfect, far away, but I will do BU John Silber over AOC on one day of the week.

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