Aom Akkapan moves IG Gwenu for the 38th birthday, congratulations Sanan

Aom Akkapan moves IG Gwenu for his 38th birthday

After the young hero Om Akkaphan Namart As he was so ill he had to be in hospital for a month However, he posted a picture of himself lying on a hospital bed with an oxygen tube attached. Made friends in the industry and drama fans can’t help but worry. before someone close reveals it The young protagonist has a respiratory illness. But the symptoms are not as bad as I was worried. Just need some time. So, stop the show temporarily until the symptoms improve.

Later on 25 December 2022 a young man Moved through personal Instagram Post a picture of yourself with a bright smile. along with writing a message that says “Merry Christmas” Makes many people happy to follow the symptoms. Ready to bless the young protagonist to recover from illness and have good health as before before being silent from social media for months until the fans worried

latest Om Akkapan Back in action again on January 28, which coincides with the birthday of the 38th birthday by posting a photo of himself standing smiling brightly. send a message saying “Big boy, 38 years old 😅🎂” among friends in the industry and fans Came to wish the young protagonist a very happy birthday and wish the young man to return to good health soon.

Thanks for the photo IG:omakapan

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