“Aom Phiyada” opens her heart after the program The Shock, releases Flex 104.5 for the month of Halloween.

welcome to the moon the “Halloween” festival latest Famous actress, talented executive “Aom Phiyada” or “Piyada Akkaraseranee” just shake hands “Pong Kaphon” or “Kaphon Thongplub” The godfather of the ghost program sent the list. “The Shock” to be able to listen to the waves Flexible 104.5 which list “The Shock” born by “Pong Kaphon” And being a couple who like to listen to Thai ghost stories for more than 20 years, with its beginnings on the radio dial and being continuously transmitted according to the changing behavior patterns of listeners In each period until it comes to life tells ghost stories through social media platforms, until recently, there was a trend of listeners who wanted to feel like listening to ghost shows. through a large number of radio waves, making “Aom Phiyada” The officers of the golden wave hurriedly grabbed his hand. “Pong Kaphon” a The show “The Shock” Let’s work together in form Content Partner

by the latest (October 27, 2022) Famous heroine, talented executive “Aom Phiyada” open to The “Khom Luek Entertainmentnews team that “For Flex 104.5, it has a clear position to present to the target audience. Wave fans, not just being a music wave, but we are Music & Variety. Indirectly and the team tries to plan activities or new programs to satisfy. fans always get a fresh movement of program content continuously and in the month of turmoil. Aom therefore plans to shake hands with Pong to serve the content and choose The Shock program to invite him to listen on ghost stories and spooky stories through Flex 104.5 as well.”

side part “Pong Kaphon” who works with “Aom Phiyada” He immediately opened his mind to add that “My ghost show The Shock was born and made famous on the radio screen and I believe that radio listeners are well suited to ghost shows. Because listening to it creates the most unpleasant experience as one of the turmoil comes from listening and then imagining. I’m very glad that Aom invited me to come back and let the turmoil through waves together at Flex 104.5 be another channel that increases the opportunity for more people to listen.

And for fans of Flex 104.5 and The Shock fans can listen to the turmoil together, whether you listen alone, listen with your lover, listen and invite friends to disturb you can do all forms of day Monday to Friday. . Repeat on the radio at Flex 104.5.

"Aom Phiyada" Open your mind after The Shock program released Flex 104.5 to receive the month of Halloween.

"Aom Phiyada" Open your mind after The Shock program released Flex 104.5 to receive the month of Halloween.

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