Aom Phiyada Shares Sweet Picture of Husband, Mark-Kim, Proving Their Strong Marriage

Actress Aom Phiyada Shares Heartwarming Picture of Husband Amidst Marriage Rumors

Famous actress Aom Phiyada recently delighted her fans by posting a picture of her husband on social media. The charming picture emphasized the couple’s strong bond and their enduring relationship. As the couple faces rumors about their marriage, Aom Phiyada’s post serves as a sweet declaration of their love and togetherness.

Clarifying the Speculations

Many speculations have been circulating about the couple’s relationship, with some questioning if they were still together. Aom Phiyada has finally addressed these rumors and clarified the situation. She revealed that although they rarely post pictures together, it doesn’t mean they are separated. In fact, they have been in each other’s lives for a remarkable 14 years, having first met in high school.

Aom further explained that she was initially taken aback by the overwhelming response to the picture she posted. It was a simple snapshot taken on the day of a friend’s birthday celebration. The picture garnered much attention and reassured their fans that the couple was still going strong. Aom’s husband, however, didn’t make any public statement about it, as he is not particularly active on social media.

The couple often spends quality time together, mostly accompanied by their adorable children. Aom Phiyada expresses her immense love for their kids and reveals that their shared goal is to provide a loving environment for them. Although the passage of time might have dimmed some of the initial spark in their relationship, their bond remains strong.

Mark and Kim’s Blissful Journey

On the other hand, actor “Kim” surprised Aom Phiyada with a marriage proposal. He decided not to seek her permission beforehand but planned a special day to convey his intentions. As fate would have it, he ended up working on Aom’s birthday, which usually would have been a day off for him. This gesture touched Aom deeply, and she appreciates his dedication and love.

Kim went above and beyond to make Aom’s birthday memorable. He joined the production team for her drama and disguised himself as a thief to surprise her on the set. Their joyful interactions reflect the deep bond they share and their love for each other.

Looking Ahead

Aom Phiyada firmly believes that Mark and Kim, as a couple, will continue to radiate happiness and charm. She emphasizes their compatibility and predicts that they will be an adorable pair in their married life. Aom has offered them some advice on marriage, knowing that their journey together will be filled with love and joy.

As fans eagerly follow Aom Phiyada and her husband’s journey, it is evident that their love and commitment to each other make them an inspiration for many. Their enduring relationship serves as a reminder of the beauty and strength found in true love.

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Actress “Aom Phiyada smiles sweetly at the admirers by posting a picture of her husband. Emphasize that the bed legs are still good. Congratulations to “Mark-Kim” on their marriage. I do not suggest married life. I I think they are a cute couple.

They are said to have previously come out to release sweet photos of their husbands for the young actress, organizer of “Aom Phiyada” until many people came to tease the couple’s sweetness. He recently had the opportunity to meet the “Aom” girl and came out to reveal that

I also forgot that we never post pictures together. My partner has been around for about 14 years. But we’ve known each other since we were in high school. I mean, nobody warned me that I had to post pictures. But someone asked if they were still together. I know people wonder if we’re separated, sometimes I’m confused because sometimes I focus on work and post a lot of pictures of our kids, but really it’s my husband take the pictures. On the day the photo was posted, we went for a friend’s birthday. He took beautiful pictures. I have to say I was shocked at first when people greeted me. But when I look at IG, it’s true. We go everywhere together usually, with three people together. We didn’t post a picture. People around you probably wouldn’t dare to ask. But when he posted the picture, he knew we were still together. Personally, he didn’t say anything. He went about his job. Not a social media person He didn’t post any pictures on his birthday, keeping it cool, but we shouldn’t, right? If guaranteed Will say there is still sweetness. There hasn’t been any reason yet. Will post more than this. But he refused to take pictures. That day, his friend told him to take the picture.
Tell us we have the same goal. I mean, we love our children very much. When we’ve been together for a long time, it might fade a little. I don’t know the future. But at the moment, the husband of “P’ Art” loves his child, Nong Nawa, very much. We sometimes go out to eat just the two of us. Let’s look at each other. He would say go home and lose your child. So we always go together with 3 people. His father was also possessive of his children. As the child is now grown, repeat Happy, OK.

On “Kim’s” side, he did not come to ask for permission to marry. He already knew what day he had to go. When I come back, I might make an appointment to meet. Now all the actors have been taken over. He said he had to say thank you very much on Kim’s birthday because usually on his birthday he would ask for a day off. But he came to work for me. He called “Mark” and asked to join the team. He saw that there was a scene where he could tease Kim. So Mark got to disguise himself as a thief to surprise his younger sister on her birthday, and they were happy, they were called drama organizers and situation organizers. We also have a practice queue first. It’s not common anymore. I told him for fun that Mak had also come to the hoof. “Yaya” also came, two pairs If asked what blessings he gave her. There wasn’t much to do, just chat and congratulate him. He is very cute. I told him I had some advice about getting married. I think when they get married they will be a very cute couple.”

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