Aom Skawjai, address to those who curse. sue in all cases Accepted in cash only not mediate

The mother engraved on the body of Om Skawjai, lashing out at the people who commented on IG and direct messages. sue in all cases Not far from mediation. Next year, I will call out louder than before.

by Aum Skawjai posted on IG, “For those who come to criticize Aom and his family for expressing various opinions Both comments and DMs in all matters. Let me tell you that…

1. Sue in all cases, only accept cash if you are not in trouble You should not affect anything. 3. I want to understand others. People who are lost, hopeless, you may already be rich or happy. I want to be sympathetic to people who are in trouble. 4. Older than the job, bigger or richer. It doesn’t guarantee that… you are human. More than anyone else or doing anything, everything is cheap. 5. I don’t stop. Next year will be louder. If it still sucks like this…it’s over!”

In addition, the caption said “Really angry. Type to get angry. I don’t talk. I don’t mediate. Talk to a lawyer only!!!”





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