AOT-AAV-CENTEL-ERW busy, receiving the CCC preparing to cancel Emergency Decree

AOT-AAV-CENTEL-ERW Lead the aircraft-hotel stocks to rise in response to the Pro Prepare to cancel. Urgent decree and infected with covid, no need to quarantine Encourage busy tourism

Correspondents report a move of shares in the airline hotel group. Rising activity, led by Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited or AOT, rose 2.05% or 1.75 baht to a price of 74.50 baht, trading value of 2,894 million baht.

Central Plaza Hotel Public Company Limited or CENTEL increased by 7.49% or 3.50 baht at 50.25 baht, trading value 583 million baht.

Erawan Group Public Company Limited or ERW increased by 4.69% or 0.20 baht to trade at 4.46 baht, trading value of 209 million baht.

Asia Aviation Public Company Limited or AAV increased by 2.76% or 0.08 baht at a price of 2.98 baht, trading value of 230 million baht.

Nomura Securities Pattanasin said today that the CCC meeting agreed to prepare a proposal to cancel the Emergency Decree and insist that if infected with COVID, no symptoms, no quarantine is required. positive for travel groups Emphasis on Domestic Hotels (ERW, CENTEL, VRANDA), Aviation (AOT, AAV and BA) and Reopening (BJC, MAKRO, ONEE, BEC).

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