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‘AP OPEN HOUSE 2021’ brings creative thinkers into the new era of real estate

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August 23, 2021


AP Thailand extends the ‘AP OPEN HOUSE 2021’ project to create a new generation of creative thinkers, raising the concept of DESIGN FOR LIVING, aiming to enhance resilience skills. Cope with the era of change

on 23 Aug 64 AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited extends the project “AP OPEN HOUSE 2021” Continuing the 6th year, raising a new generation of creative thinkers for Thailand, arming them with skills and resilience. Empower Student Potential Get ready for an era of change. Going into every step, including skills, knowledge, potential and able to step into working in the real estate sector with quality

being the first in the industry to upgrade the real estate internship program under the concept Design for Living with in-depth coaching through the full Virtual Class platform over a period of 2 months to provide real estate teaching can be done safely Don’t stumble because of the covid crisis. For this project A total of 25 students were selected from over 1,000 applicants from 67 higher education institutions across the country.

Recently, AP held a Virtual Award Ceremony, presenting certificates to 25 young creative thinkers and announcing the results of 5 outstanding contestants. Both team and individual

Ms. Thiphawan Sirikoon Assistant Director Human Resources Division, AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited, revealed that AP as a real estate developer Focus on building quality personnel to support the continuous growth of the real estate industry through the AP OPEN HOUSE project, held for the 6th year.

For the DESIGN FOR LIVING program this time, AP aims to empower students’ potential. to become a new generation of creative thinkers ready to enter the business sector real estate which creates quality people to be able to create innovative products and services to meet the quality of life that customers can choose as well as living the Next Normal life At present, it is very important that personnel in the real estate sector

“Must be able to find and decipher the interpretation Unmet Need, where customers look deeply under all-round changes. To bring the thought process into innovation and new methods to effectively solve the pain point of the customers in order to empower the life and living experience for the customers in all aspects.”

“Even though the COVID-19 crisis unsolved But AP sees it as another challenge. because of the creation of quality people especially young people To the industry that is important. Not losing to supporting a business that can’t be stopped as well. thus leading to an upgradeAP OPEN HOUSE 2021 project raising the concept DESIGN FOR LIVING – lifestyle design Cope with the era of change Be the first in the industry by organizing internships in real estate through 100% Virtual Class for 2 months that maintains the intensity of the content.

knowledge Reskill and life skills The real workflow in a new, in-depth way with design evaluation criteria for both group work and individual work, including mentor close consultation and AP management team and leading partners from various industries,” added Ms. Tipawan.

Project AP OPEN HOUSE 2021 DESIGN FOR LIVING program has opened for students to join the project in Feb. 2021. and have been intensively selected until someone passed the criteria 25 people (from applicants over 1,000 people from 67 higher education institutions) participated in learning through Virtual Class for a period of time 2 months under the guidance of the elders Mentor Experts from AP Both marketers, designers

To fulfill the potential of being a professional thinker and developer with full knowledge through 4 The main class starts from “Design Thinking” from Stanford Center for Professional Development taught by YourNextU by SEAC, the only company in Thailand. that has been licensed to teach Design Thinking, which is an original course from Stanford University Number 1 university in the world for innovation

that helps to discover Unmet Need and understand Living Experience that customers are looking for, ready to receive Certificate Guaranteed by Stanford University. In addition, participants also get knowledge of trends before anyone else. Update and understand how to create future trends and concepts. to make everyone a real marketer


Know the process of thinking and creating new innovations. AP OneClickNewHome Virtual Project Tour with Next Normal Project Sales Feature and in-depth knowledge of target customers through tools Digital Marketing, the starting point for the development of innovative housing from the final problem Challenging project in the concept DESIGN FOR LIVING – Design for living. Coping with the era of change under the COVID-19 situation

Allowing participants to show their skills to the fullest in presenting their creativity. Design innovative products and services to enhance life Support a variety of living trends by works “Wan Chatbot” won the first prize in the group category. and holding a certificate of AP OPEN HOUSE CONTEST 2021 in the form of Virtual Ceremony

  • Open your mind to “new thinkers”

Ms. Jirachaya Boonmak, a student from Srinakharinwirot University Group winner representative It tells us that “Wan Chatbot is a concept of creating a platform as a personal assistant. in city time management especially during work from home where work schedules often overlap with personal time especially the new urban people living in a condominium alone who have problems with overdoing at work that may lead to stress, depression, etc.

By the concept of Khun Wan, this chatbot will have TO THE Gradually work on helping to calculate the matching days and free time of the customers and friends in the group so that they can meet up in person. Virtual Even during the period of having to maintain social distance But from the decoding of the sample dating friends or family, even in the form of virtual reality It helps to relieve fatigue, loneliness and interactions between people. Create more positive energy than before.


especially having TO THE to help calculate the free time Makes appointments easier and more likely to happen without crashing, helping to eliminate the problem of finding a date that meets friends. The group has conducted many rounds of experiments until finally becoming the current version of Khun Wan’s prototype. that meets the needs of users and can be further developed in the future.”

sideMr. Pawaret Thewasakulthong from Chulalongkorn University 1st place winner 1 single type Said AP OPEN HOUSE program DESIGN FOR LIVING this timeProvide opportunities and provide experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. It is learning about marketing trends and creating innovations that will enhance your lifestyle in a new way. including after completing the course of the project A clearer understanding of the real estate working system

since the concept process from start to finish And the most important thing is to have the opportunity to learn about the design thinking process. in depth from the original course through actual hands-on Make it understand the needs of customers deeply. which personally see that it can be further developed Both in terms of thought processes in personal life, study and work in the future.


“Thank you AP, brothers and sisters. Mentor and all the coaches for organizing such a good project, including the care, concern, and thorough care that all children who participated in the project and finally got Networking From my friends in the class, everything was a very valuable experience for me and my friends. This is ongoing.”


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