AP Thailand opens the building “RHYTHM Ekkamai Estate”, fulfilling every experience from the word home.

20 September 2022 – Ms. Kamolthip fostering the wealthy nation Deputy Managing Director Condominium Business Division, AP Thailand Public Company Limited, revealed that the Company is committed to conducting business under the promise of providing customers with a “choosable good life” through innovative designs and services . along with the never-ending development of the city Today, AP Thailand is ready to launch the latest ready-to-live condominium project with RHYTHM Ekkamai Estate (Rhythm Ekamai Estate) HIGH-RISE, an enterprise condominium on the jointly completed the construction of the 16th project between AP Thailand Public Company Limited and Mitsubishi Estate Residence (subsidiary of Mitsubishi Estate Group) project worth 3,350 million baht at a prime location in Ekkamai area connected to Thonglor.

For the launch of the RHYTHM Ekkamai Estate project, this is considered to be the return of the RHYTHM brand in 3 years after the introduction of the RHYTHM Ekkamai project in 2019, which at the moment, the RHYTHM Ekkamai project has an Occupancy Rate of up to 90%. The resale price is around 200,000-230,000 baht / square meter, which the company is confident that RHYTHM Ekkamai Estate will become a new landmark on Ekamai Road. which is ready to provide a vertical lifestyle living experience through 3 key differences that make RHYTHM Ekkamai Estate better in every aspect:


Take inspiration from Ekkamai’s old house. Come to design Elegant vertical space with unique construction architecture IMAGINATION LOBBY A 7 floor lobby designed for a new experience that makes every step feel like living in a home. With stairs to climb the floor level with the feature entrance hall (Main Lobby) raised to the 7th floor to open a new perspective. Along with a Grand Terrace design that is like a large front porch that gives you a feeling of being at home. In addition, in the part of the residential Also specially designed (Modified Plan) with up to 6 rooms with 53 plans to choose from. to open the Ekkamai – Thonglor scene in the best dimension as well


Another special thing that makes RHYTHM Ekkamai Estate more than a condominium for living, but in every dimension, every detail is still. reflecting living aesthetics By combining the charm of art with the beauty of nature. That encourages every area within Ekamai Estate’s RHYTHM project to be beautiful, perfect and timeless. Whether it is a story about the conservation of 3 50-year-old Chamchuri trees, which are like lungs for air purification. It is a precious creature to people in the Ekkamai community. The extension of the Chamchuri tree by entering the central area of ​​the project through art. The selection of marble with a unique pattern, such as the Rainforest Green Marble, is a masterpiece in the area.

Central points within the green marble project Mix brown mineral with vine-like veins and spikes. This is the beauty created by nature Platinum Sand Marble is a large marble with natural veins in apricot. and chestnut sugar as well as the selection of international wall coverings to decorate areas such as the Vincent Van Gogh Collection. The motifs of the collection are inspired by the precious works of Vincent Van Gogh and the Bearded Leopard Collection from the Dutch brand Moooi. that the special Gold foil details mixed with black texture. Feels like leopard fur as well as the choice of furniture, Pomme Chan’s Cabinet & Cushion Design, with painted lines inspired by nature. and architectural shape The work of an internationally renowned Thai artist such as “Pom Chan”


Full facilities in common areas are equivalent to a 5-star hotel, with a vertical design of common areas with ELEVATED LOBBY, a 7 floor lobby, starting from the Welcome Lobby for welcoming guests on floor G, continuing with Co-Working Space . , which is divided into 2 private and Public zones to support lifestyle use, and a large Feature Lobby Space on the 7th floor that connects to the Flexible Lobby and Grand Terrace, giving you a relaxing feel on the large terrace of the house. A total area of ​​750 square meters, with a separate conservatory, such as a Tea Pavilion with Jamjuree paintings by Thai artists and a Theater Pavillion to support private relaxation.

Upstairs is a Triplex Rooftop from floors 31 – 32 and Rooftop floors that are ready to support all lifestyles and lifestyles such as Sky Fitness, Sky Lounge, Sky Wellness Spa that comes with a WHITE ION BATH system, the standard equivalent to master spas. And the biggest highlight of the facility is the 360º Infinity Edge Pool, which surrounds the building infinitely long, with the Crystal Hallway, an underwater tunnel walkway that gives a new perspective. Another function space that charms this RHYTHM Ekkamai Estate project.

“Another point that makes RHYTHM Ekkamai Estate different from other projects. in the same location In addition to giving every detail in the choice of interior materials there is privacy. with only 303 units, which from an internal study of customers in the Ekamai area In Thonglor, we found that customers in the Upper Hi-End segment wanted condominiums that felt like living in a house. Looking for a space designed with maximum privacy in mind? in private and common areas Combined with the combination of shady green spaces, RHYTHM Ekkamai Estate is considered to be the most important condominium in AP. Thailand, we are ready to deliver this year,” Ms Kamonthip added.

Ekkamai RHYTHM Estate, a high-end condominium is ready. The only one on Ekkamai Road with the ultimate perfection in every dimension, every detail reflects the aesthetics of living. Ready to organize the RHYTHM OF ART & NATURE on September 24-25, experience new value in living and being unique. Special for customers who register for appointments in advance, receive a discount on Top worth 200,000 baht, free of charge on the transfer date, starting price of 7.9 million baht. https://bit.ly/RHYTHM-Ekkamai-Estate or call 1623

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