Apart from organizing the World Cup, Qatar has also set an example in waste management

Apart from organizing the World Cup, Qatar has also set an example in waste management

Qatar, which has been praised for hosting the FIFA World Cup brilliantly, has also caught the eye when it comes to waste management. Qatar has already disposed of the 2,000 tonnes of waste left over after the tournament.

Officials from the General Sanitation Department said that 54,865 tonnes of waste, including waste collected from eight World Cup stadiums in the country, had already been collected, treated and recycled between the start of the World Cup tournament on November 20 and the last day, December 18.

For the first time in the history of the FIFA World Cup, 72 percent of the waste collected is recycled. 28 percent of this was converted into green energy.

The waste collected was of different types such as food waste, plastic bottles, electronic items, glass bottles, paper and paper.

12,230 workers and supervisors are involved in the waste handling operation in Qatar, supported by 1,627 trucks and cleaning equipment.

The waste was recycled from the Middle East’s largest household solid waste management centre, Misayed.

Also, during the tournament, the organizers were able to interact with the spectators and create awareness of the importance of recycling. The organizers have also planned to implement other awareness programs on the issue of waste management during the Qatar World Cup.

Content Highlights: 72 percent of FIFA World Cup waste in Qatar 2022 stadiums has been recycled


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