Apasara Hongsakula won the first Miss Universe from Thailand, how much money did she get when she was crowned?

Look at the prize money, Miss Universe “Apasara Hongsakul”, the first Thai woman to win Miss Universe How much money did you get from winning the competition?

When talking about Thailand’s first Miss Universe, I think many people will definitely think of Pook Apasara Hongsakula, she was also written as the first Thai woman from the country to participate in the world-class pageant Miss Universe in 1965. or 1965 in the United States

I have to say that the Apasara trend at that time happened almost all over the world. Whether he names “Apasara” for a girl born in the United States. Being Apasara’s cultural ambassador in attracting more tourists to travel to Thailand Including the memories that Apasara steamed the convertible car. holding an umbrella in Bo Sang wearing a skirt in San Kamphaeng Also, hundreds of people were surrounded. Including hairstyles and fashions of blue and pink Sankampaeng silk famous in Thailand and abroad. that many people affectionately called “Sin Aphasara”

Although many years have passed, but the beauty of Apasara is still immortal as before. By the way, do you want to know or not during the year 1965 or 1965 when Apasara Hongsakul won the title of Miss Universe, the first person in Thailand? How much prize money did she get? Sanook Money has checked information from video clips from social media and Youtube and found that Miss Universe’s prize money in 1965 was 10,000 US dollars, compared to about 250,000 baht in Thai money (value of money In 1965 , Thailand used a fixed exchange rate of 25 baht equal to 1 US dollar).

Compared to the prize money of 10,000 US dollars and the current value of Thai baht, it is still 328,684.96 baht.

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