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Apco launches P2000 case that captures both design and performance at once: Article

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Apco (CEO Tae-Hwa Lee, Kwang-Geun Oh)’s premium case brand Suitmaster has released a new flagship product, the P2000 Performance Case.

Apco’s premium case brand, Suitmaster, has released cases with excellent performance and finish that match the brand name. The Suitmaster P2000 performance case released today reflects this brand design philosophy, and was planned and released with the goal of perfect finishing using auxiliary materials that match each color, air flow, and excellent cooling performance in a simple yet luxurious design.

The first strength of the P2000 case is the front panel design with mesh and LED bars. It is equipped with a performance-type cooling fan without RGB and an LED bar as a point to boldly remove RGB, which may be excessive, and provide a luxurious design through the contrast between simplicity and LED. In addition, the existing cases with front panel LEDs had a disadvantage in that ventilation was difficult, but the P2000 case compensated for this by harmonizing with diamond hole mesh. Through this design, both design and performance were secured, and the front panel equipped with an LED bar is designed in a contact-type design emphasizing convenience, so even when removed, lines do not come out, making it easy to manage and replace the fan.

The P2000 case is made in a size suitable for a flagship, so it is excellent in mounting a side cooling fan and compatibility with a water cooler, and it is also excellent in assembly and expandability. In addition, the performance-type cooling fan with enhanced cooling performance, which is installed by default, improves airflow with ample internal space, giving a synergistic effect that effectively lowers the temperature of the system.

Considering that a large high-performance graphics card will be installed as the chassis size is large, the P2000 case is equipped with its own ARGB graphics card support. The RGB of the graphic card support is installed through the hub, giving a unified RGB sensibility through color interlocking with the front LED bar and the rear 120mm performance fan. In addition, since it is equipped with a USB Type-C port, if the mainboard supports USB Type-C on the front, it is easy to install type-C storage devices and interfaces, which are recently becoming more useful.

The hub installed in the P2000 case is the same as Abco’s exclusive 6Pin standard, and for consumers who want to mount a third-party fan to the hub, Apco is planning to release a 4-pin conversion gender. In addition, it is equipped with a dust filter that can be easily managed with a slide type by improving the lower dust filter, which is usually manufactured as a detachable type.

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