APEC is obvious. Salted Kulao fish, Aunt Uan Tak Bai Apologies for the late reply, customers flooding.

Tak Bai Salted Kulao Fish Drama Having made a salted fish shop, Aunt Uan Tak Bai, the response was better than expected. Admin must come out to apologize for late reply. Because many customers contacted us, we found the price of 1 kg, 1,700 baht, buy less, starting at 3 caps, 560 baht including shipping. Also, there is fish chili paste. Flossy Salted Kulao Fish and the salted fish samurai to eat with steamed rice sold separately

Today (November 15) from the “Thai PBS Southern News Center” Facebook case of the Southern News Center. PBS Thai television station reported that Kulao fish operators were salted in Tak Bai Narathiwat Province, many protests It was learned that Tak Bai Kulao salted fish that was chosen as one of the dishes served at the gala dinner of the leaders of the 21 Asia-Pacific Economic Area (APEC 2022) turned out to be fish from other areas that came to the feast. . I don’t understand why they brought fish from other places. not their shop So, he did not want to use the name Kulao salted fish Tak Bai. Including the images from the Orang Pantai Community Enterprise Group. The State of Pattani used to promote, therefore fearing that a misunderstanding will dictate from this group It became a criticism on social media

Later on Facebook, “salted fish Kulao, Aunt Uan Tak Bai” posted a message stating that From the drama in the online world fake fish story Confirmed that it is from their shop. because it is the only Ku Lao salted fish shop in Tak Bai District that meets the standard requirements The quality suitable for the reliable community product (I Ch.) at the 5 star level, which was previously Came officer to buy 1 salted kulau fish to taste until an order is made online. But because of buying tens of thousands of baht per day in the last 2-3 days after the news about APEC. Causing the shop to fail an inspection which confirms that government agencies The agent has ordered through the online system. Therefore, there is an error in the group of salted Kulao fish traders in Tak Bai.

This is in accordance with Mr. Chumpol Jangprai, famous Thai Michelin star chef. who is responsible for being the head chef In a gala dinner for APEC 2022 leaders confirmed that social media trends said that The menu of Tak Bai Kulao fish is fake Kulao fish, which is not true because I ordered Tak Bai fish Kulao from a restaurant. “Kulao salted fish dried by Aunt Uan leaves”, which is a 5-star OTOP product, which other groups of entrepreneurs are not aware of in this information. there is a misunderstanding It will be used as an ingredient in the main set of courses. To increase the prominence of aroma in Massaman sauce, beef drumstick from Phon Yang Kham Cooperative, Sakon Nakhon Province, and 9 types of brown rice baked with lemongrass.

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“Chef Chumphon” overcame the drama and came to answer himself, revealing that he uses Ku Lao salted fish. “Aunt’s Fat Shop”

The state spokesman objected to the play. “Fake Kulao fish” served to APEC leaders I want to buy it for real. Aunt Uan’s shop is now selling very well.

Most recently, last night, Facebook “Kulao salted fish, Aunt Uan Bai” posted a message stating that “Since now there are many customers contacting me, I will try to answer as soon as possible. I apologize for the delay.”

For Aunt Uan’s salted Kulao Fish, Tak Bai Selling at a price of 1,700 baht per kilogram (3 kulao fish equals 1 kg) ready to ship. If you buy a small size to try, start with 3 runs (300 grams) 560 baht, 5 runs (500 grams) 900 baht if you want a 1. kilogram piece, which is a rare size The price will be 1,800 baht, size 1.1 kg price 1,970 baht, size 1.2 kg price 2,140 baht, which includes prices ships. As for the big fish, the size is 1.3 kg to 2 kg or more.

There is also fish chili paste. Flossy Salted Kulao Fish and Samarn Cured Ku Lao Fish (Saman is a Yawi language meaning fish meat roasted to dry. Eat with steamed rice, boiled rice or dipping with sticky rice) Also sold at a price of 150 baht per jar. Those interested in ordering can contact us on Facebook. Line “Aunt Uan Tak Bai’s Kulao salted fish” @plakulaotakbai and call 083-1702788

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