“Apex Legends” and “Titanfall” Will the development of new works set in the world be canceled – the development team will be fired if a new destination is not found | Game * Spark’s domestic and foreign game information site

From Apex Legends official website

Bloomberg reports that Electronic Arts has stopped development of an unannounced game called ‘TFL’.

The mysterious title with the name “TFL” or “Titanfall Legends” was developed by EA development company Respawn Entertainment.『Legends of Apex』When“Titanfall”It will be a single player game set in a shared world by EA, and although it has not been officially announced, EA has hinted at the title many times in the past.

According to three “unnamed insiders” reported by Bloomberg, EA has given a disappointing earnings forecast for the quarter and decided to delay STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor, which is also being developed at Respawn. About 50 people in the development team known as “TFL” are said to have been given retirement benefits and notified of their dismissal if they could not find another job, although they tried to find another job from within the company.

From the official Titanfall website

The Titanfall series has been critically acclaimed, and its de facto successor, Apex Legends, has become one of EA’s most successful games, but if the leak from an anonymous source is true, a new game is unlikely to see for now.

A spokesman for the Environment Agency refused to comment on the matter.

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