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“Apex Legends” by Respawn Entertainment will hold a “Beast of Prey” collection event from September 20. On the other hand, as an in-game modification, we announced solutions such as the popular Flatline “Heat Sink” skin.

Flat ‘Heat Sink’ skin to repair

Apex Legends is a free to play game. All items that appear are pure customization elements, regardless of whether they are charged or not, and do not affect the performance of Legends.

However, in reality, it often happens that other titles inadvertently create “very hard to see” character skins, or conversely, “very easy to see” weapon positions, has been criticized by players for being a “Pay to Win” item.

Recolored heatsink (top) and heavy metal skins (bottom).

Among Apex players, it was recorded in the past as a battle pass itemFlatline “Heat Sink” skinhe was well known for the convenience of using his iron sights. But on September 16th thissubject to modificationpublished. Its essence is:

  • Competitive integrity* is important at Apex
  • Default iron sights are made to look for better scopes
  • Regarding Heatsink, we have received feedback that aiming is better than other skins.
  • Other skins will be updated for similar reasons
    • *Translation: Integrity in competitionCompetitive Integrity) is a term often used in the competitive scene (including real sports), and in e-sports “VALORANT”, it is “a fair chance for those who aim to become professionals to reach the level highest of play through meritocracy competition It is defined as Integrity also has meanings such as “completeness”, and refers to maintaining one complete state.
Before correction. The “heat sink” had a hole in the bottom of the iron sight and was easily visible
Revised. Plugged hole and came to default iron sights

In addition, relatively new flat skin”Relief” was also published.

Before (left) and after (right) the Liberation installation.shorter side fins

Detailed comments from staff are also posted

Perhaps anticipating the huge community response to this update, Reddit’s Apex Sable has a detailed explanation from Respawn’s senior community manager, Karen, about the discussion behind the change I was.

  • wrap up
    • Hidden Objects are one of the key gameplay elements of Apex
    • Strong iron sights eliminate the need to hunt for a scope
    • “Heat Sink” performed better and ate other skins for Flatline
    • I made a decision after thinking separately about what I want and what I need for the player and the game.

We have analyzed and made a final decision on the Flatline “heat sink” reactive skin modification option, but we understand that this change is controversial. I would like to provide a little more of what I thought about this thought process. The decision this time was much more difficult than the usual “do everything better”.

If you haven’t read it yet, read this development blog first. What I want to emphasize here is the following sentence: “The default iron sights are designed to encourage players to search for items to get a better scope, and we don’t think skins should have much effect on how the scenes work.” Two points are referred to here. “1. HIDDEN GAME“when”2. Practicality“is.

1. Shortcuts important elements of hidden object games if you prefer Ironsight from the start. But if you want Apex to have competitive integrity, the Hidden Object Luck (RNG) element should be removed, right? No, it doesn’t really matter. Battrois is Apex, and the element of luck is an integral part of Secret Sauce. Over the years, we have made changes to mitigate this element of luck, but there is a great deal of discussion behind each element. As you can see from our Flatline example, once you try to mitigate the luck element and remove it, it is very difficult to get it back. There are many more considerations and issues related to the cascading effect of changes to luck elements on the feel of Apex, but I won’t go into them right now.

2. Iron sights should not be so intrusive that even using them becomes too stressful. Analyzing all the other iron sights right now, the regular flat skin doesn’t fall into that category right now. but for a long timeHeatsinks usually performed better than skins. It may not be to most people’s taste in terms of usability, but it’s still far from “unusable”. again,The heatsink skin eats away at the functionality of other flat skins that look great.although not in essence, this is also a shame.

So when faced with the question of “better default wellline or worse heatsink”, I ended up choosing the latter for the above reasons. We understand that gamers need an adjustment period and it’s a nightmare for those who only use heatsinks. However, as a typical example of a designer’s work,It required a decision to diagnose and separate what players and games needed from what they wanted.It is.

The team is constantly learning and striving to improve the game experience, but sometimes that means changing what we and the community have become accustomed to. We appreciate you taking the time to join us on this journey, and we hope you will continue to find opportunities to share with the community the stories behind the difficult decisions we have made. done to keep Apex moving forward.

The “heat sink” has been highly evaluated for a long time for its ease of use, but due to the above background, it was decided to review this time.

This is disappointing news for those who love him, and other skins may be fixed in the future. On the other hand, there is a possibility that skins that are difficult to see will be corrected in a better direction, so anyway, I would like to pay attention to update information in the future.

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Source: Official Apex Legends, Reddit

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