Apex Legends Mobile Reveals New Event Underworld and Revenant Arrival

Wednesday, November 30, 2022 at 11:30 am 05:00 Indochina time

EA publisher and developer Respawn Entertainment. Apex Legends Mobile, which recently won the 2022 Apple Store Game of the Year award and was also nominated for Best Mobile Game (Best Mobile Game) from The Game Awards 2022 stage as well

even in the real world People are celebrating the upcoming holiday season, but in the world of Apex, players will experience a scary new event. Along with welcoming the well-known Legend characters, the Underworld event will take over the Apex Legends Mobile game from November 30 at 8:00 AM onwards, which will of course come with a brand new Battle Pass for all players as well.

Thousands of warriors fought for their lives in The Champions event, which is available in North America starting October 18. But the souls of warriors did not ascend to heaven. Instead, he was sent down to the Underworld to fight against the countless demonic armies that waited below.

And the player will meet the character Revenant, a synthetic robot from nightmares that once belonged to humans. but transformed into a phantom-like body made of metal and flesh By Revenant abilities in the game Apex Legends Mobile has the following abilities..

  • Passive: Stalker Revenant now bows faster. and can jump and climb the wall higher than other characters
  • Tactical Ability: Silence unleashes a small machine that deals damage and temporarily suppresses enemy abilities.
  • Ultimate Ability: Death Totem Plant a totem that protects the wielder from death for a set amount of time. Players who take damage and run out of health will be teleported back to the totem location instead of dying or collapsing. Ready to restore some health.

In addition to the above abilities for the Revenant character, several Legend Perks will be added to the game, including the Death Stalker perk, which increases stoop speed; Zombie Siphon, which heals when knocking down enemies while under the effects of Death Totem, and more. For full perk details, including detailed game improvements and/or updates, it can be viewed at Apex Legends Mobile Underworld Patch Notes

New Event Details Apex Legends Nightmare Begins (Nightmare Begins)

The return of the Revenant has resulted in Requiem Supply bins scattered across the World’s Edge and King’s Canyon maps. Within these supply bins, players will be able to find Metal Skull Coins which they can collect in exchange for rewards seasonally variable.

  • Airdrop Promotion A mysterious venture capitalist has been promoting airdrops for the latest season of the Apex Games tournament throughout this limited time event. The chance of the player finding an Airdrop box in the map will increase. Also, each box has a fully customized weapon.
  • Second Shot is a limited-time Battle Royale game mode that allows players to instantly revive their teammates. to betray the enemy at an unexpected moment Wait for your enemies to be complacent. before revenge to exact revenge

Apex Legends Mobile Details

Apex Legends Mobile is a strategy battle royale game that adapts the gameplay style. Legendary character-based, industry-leading inter-unit battles. and blood curdling battles That made the original game respected as one of the best shooter games in the world. By presenting all this in the form of a mobile game. More information about Apex Legends Mobile is available on the website. (ea.com/games/apex-legends/apex-legends-mobile)

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