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“Apex Legends” Season 11 “Escape” announced. “Titanfall 2” ash appears in new legend, new weapons added –AUTOMATON

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Respawn Entertainment released information on “Apex Legends” Season 11 “Escape” on October 19th. In the new season, the ash of “Titanfall 2” will appear as a new legend. In addition, new weapons and a story video about ash “Ash to Ash” have also been released.

In “Apex Legends” Season 11 “Escape”, Ash participates as a new legend. She is an enemy character that appears in “Titanfall 2”, which shares a world view with “Apex Legends”. Ashe’s participation has been officially suggested for some time, and in Season 5’s Season Quest, the final scene included a production that made her feel like she was there. And in Season 9, he appeared as the arena manager in Arena mode. I could only hear the voice, but it was finally decided to participate as a legend in the new season.

You can get a glimpse of Ash’s background in the story video “Ash is Ash” released this time. Living as an android, she seems to have been a former human named Dr. Reed. One day, while studying as a doctor, he was attacked by someone and fell into a serious condition. On the verge of death, she decides to remove only her mind from her body. To prove her true strength, she transferred her soul to a humanoid robot that had been thrown into a trash can and was reborn as Ash.

In addition to ash, new weapons will be installed in Season 11. Its name is CAR SMG. Following the R-99, alternator, prowler, and bolt, it will be the fifth submachine gun weapon. It seems to be a highly versatile weapon, and if you have the determination and skill to become the last one, its true value will be demonstrated. Also, in Season 11, a storm seems to be approaching the land of Outlands, the setting of Apex Legends. There are many mysteries about the new weapons and the changes that come to Outlands, and further information is expected to be released.

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“Apex Legends” Season 11 “Escape” with many veiled parts. The launch trailer for the new season will be unveiled on October 21, the day after tomorrow, local time. At that time, it is likely that details about Ash’s abilities and new weapons will be revealed.

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