Apex Legends welcomes its newest hero, Mad Maggie, into the fray

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment today released a new trailer revealing the latest major update to the award-winning hero shooter coming to the world on February 8: Apex Legends: Disobedience “.

Apex Legends welcomes its newest hero, Mad Maggie, into the fray

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Crazy Maggie smashes into the arena like a wrecking ball, giving players a sneak peek at the latest hero. In addition to being an unscrupulous punk rock warlord, “Mad Maggie” is also the most vicious madwoman on the frontier. From her (former) friendship with Brother Bong and her wonderful appearance in the Apex competition, game fans should be no strangers to her.

▲ Take a look at the trailer for “Mad Maggie”‘s story “Judgment” from the frontier.

Apex Legends: Disobedience launches on February 8th on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC on Origin and Steam, with details coming soon Released before the release date.

For more information on Apex Legends, see the game’s official Twitter, Instagram, YouTube page, or go to the official website to get the latest information.



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