‘Apichai’ asserts that the PSPC has not broken up, saying “good people” have quality, whoever wants to support them

‘Apichai’ insists that the NPP team is not broken, vouch for “good people” who have quality, who wants to go and support them, asking the people of Bangkok to be confident and pour their votes to check.

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On 19 May 2022 Mr. Apichai Taechaubol, Director of the Election Center, Election Commission, Palang Pracharath Party Addressing the party’s candidates for the House of Representatives some go to supportSakolthee Phatthiyakul, candidate for Bangkok governor It’s a signal that the party’s RA team is broken, saying that it’s not true. Everyone still wears the Bangkok power shirt and the Pracharat power. Who will be invited to the stage to support? to go or not to go It is his right, because the PDP selects candidates for the NCPO who have potential, who are good people, good people, quality people, who everyone wants to support.

Mr. Apichai He further said that the current news that Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister As the leader of the National Democratic Party Ordering to cheer for any candidate for the Bangkok Governor is not true. and never came to order this how is this possible Because applicants, the Bangkok Governor sends applicants His S.K.A. also went on the field, where the National Democratic Party did not send candidates for the Bangkok governor. It’s a good thing because the party’s MP candidates will have freedom to work in the legislature, monitor and monitor the use of the budget fulfilled the full role prevent halting

“Participants of the House of Representatives understand that they intend to enter the Bangkok Council to work on monitoring the governor. Check the use of the budget to get the most benefit from Bangkok residents. because in the past the governor Bangkok has not been inspected. The results are still not impressive. It rains and the water is still flooding in many places. There are still traffic congestion problems, PM 2.5 pollution problems are still not reduced, and the basic utilities are not thorough. Electric lighting in some communities is still dark. Even though the Bangkok Governor has to do these basic things first.”

Mr. Apichai added that what the party is doing now is to build a strong S.K.A team Representing the people in the investigation for development I want the people of Bangkok select candidate MPs of the Democratic Party to work as much as possible and is confident that the candidates of the National People’s Democratic Party have a true determination And they have all experience working in the area, so everyone can win. Even if we do not send applicants to the Bangkok Governor, ask the people of Bangkok to be confident and pour points for us to check and develop the Bangkok.

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