Apichai Somkiat World Champion Bending muscles, winning the champion, a beautiful young man, a beautiful muscular woman

Ending the battle of flexing muscles, “beautiful young man, beautiful muscular girl”, national team athlete “Arm” Apichai Wandee, 3 times world champion, made excellent results Successfully won a bodybuilding championship for men aged not over 40 years, weighing more than 75 kg. As for the old age model, Puritat Rittisorn won the sports physics championship. Grandfather, Grandfather Suza, age 50 years and older, and Chom Bongkot, a steel technician, won the physical model championship. Grandmother, grandmother, young age 45 years or older

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Bodybuilding and fitness competition, “Nice body young man, beautiful muscular woman” at The Nine Center Rama 9 Shopping Center, which is the last day of competition with Mr. Sukree Supawareekul, President of the Bodybuilding and Fitness Association of Thailand Attending the competition with Mr. Poomwarin Chunhawong Waris Advisor to the President of the Senate

This item by the Bodybuilding and Fitness Sports Association of Thailand Under the support of the Health Promotion Support Fund (ThaiHealth) Sports Authority of Thailand and development funds national sport join forces with The Nine Center Rama 9 shopping center to organize the competition This program is the stage of the new rising star athletes. to start the competition for the first time with more than 200 athletes competing

In the event there are activities “Retired bodybuilding Just like me,” which has “Sali” Ms. Chananchida Lu, 50, a bodybuilder, female physical model, who competed three years ago to reveal her fitness secrets. with “Cherry” Ms. Siriwattana Sudlapa, yoga teacher, adoptive daughter, including “Chef R” Teeraphat Tiyasuntranon The latest Iron Chef Thailand. Let’s open up about exercise.

Men’s bodybuilding, age not over 20 years, no weight limit. Napat Tatrakul won the 2nd championship, Ratchapol Charajamong 3rd, Phonwatchai Senmai 4th, Amornthep Sutatan 5th, Chakrin Kaewpitak.
Men’s bodybuilding, age not over 40 years old, weight not over 75 kg, 1st Akkadej Plinaram, 2nd place, Wichai Singthong, former national team, vice world champion 2014 who abandoned the stage for a long time Just came back to compete this year and got “Mr. Thailand 2021” in this event, missed another championship. After 2nd place “Thailand Muscle and Physics” in Pattaya, 3rd place, Noppakao Ruamros, 4th place, Burasakorn Chinakhiao, 5th Nithikriengkrai Sueasakul

Men’s bodybuilding, age not over 40 years old, weight over 75 kg. 1st “Arm” Apichai Wandee, 3 times world champion, 2nd Panchaphon Panchao, 3rd Nattaphong Bai-ngu Boam, 4th national team, Hassanai Konak, 5th Chachawan Huang Thai
“Arm” Apichai Wandee opened his mind that I won the world championship 3 times. after the race break because of a motorcycle accident Must have surgery on the right ankle, rest for 5 months to compete in this program Intends to build confidence and self-confidence Satisfied with the preparation that we were able to come into beautiful shape.
“After this, I will prepare for the SEA Games that Vietnam will host next year. and preparing for the World Championship will be able to win the 4th World Championship.”

Men’s bodybuilding, over 40 years old, no weight limit, 1st, Chakwat Intarangsee, 2nd, Jeeraphan Pongkham, multiple world champions, 3rd, Panupong Prateep, 4th national team, Natakorn Absuwan, 5th Kongthit Woracharoenthanakul
Female physical model, age not over 20 years, general model, 1st Sasiwimon, Muang Phuan, 3rd Gina Rerkmuang, 3rd Sirinda Pansatha, 4th Teeranuch Prasert-Uaichai, 5th Nonthakorn Sukmeesri

Female physical model, age not over 30 years, general model, 1st, Wadetharat Tulthham, 2nd, Nattcha Thongsuang, national team, Asian silver medals, 2019, 3rd, Wilailuck Khammuang, 4th Sirima Kadan From 5th place Nuannara Aromseree

Female physical model, over 30 years old, general model, 1 Thanyaporn Sudchaisiribul, 2 Romchat Srisuwan, 3 Thirada, 4 Wilasinee Kositchaiwat, 5 Thitinan Saetun
Sport Physics, Grandfather, Grandfather Suza, age 50 years and over, 1st, Puritat Rittisorn, 2nd Major General Sudchai Ploypradap, 3rd President, Kong Naewdee, 4th Chanchai Tiemaithai, 5th Serm Seni Srisakul

Physics model, young grandmother, young woman, age 45 years and older, 1st place, Chom Bongkot, Ironworker, 2nd place, Jittawadee, Jasushiwinnimit, 3rd month, Shivamok Lakhana, 4th Nithirarudee Phatanan, 5th Sirani Rerk. morning


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