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[Epoch Times, Medi 28, 2022](Compiled and reported by Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin) The agency IST Entertainment announced this afternoon (28th) that Park Chulong, a member of its girl group Apink, was involved in a traffic accident and was injured due to his cervical vertebrae The pain has intensified, so the fan meeting “2022 Apink CHOBOM Fanmeeting ‘Family’ in Bangkok” originally scheduled for October 1st in Bangkok, Thailand will be postponed.

IST Entertainment announced on Apink’s official fan page that Chulong was on his way home from a practice at the company around 10 pm on September 21st when he encountered a traffic accident caused by the unfamiliar driving of the vehicle behind him, and Chulong was involved in traffic . Then there is the problem of neck pain.

The company said that although Chulong performed in Japan under a strong will, and received adequate treatment and rest in the hospital after returning to Korea, her pain is currently getting worse, and professional doctors judged that she needs to rest and recover, so she had to It was decided to postpone the supporters’ meeting in Bangkok.

IST Entertainment apologized and asked for the understanding of the fans who were waiting for the performance, and said that it will give priority to Chorong’s recovery, and the Korean fan meeting that is expected to be held in the future will also do its best .

Chu Long and Pumei formed Apink’s first team “CHOBOM” in July this year, and released the team’s first single album “Copycat”. Chulong and Pumei held a fan meeting in Japan on September 23. They will also hold a fan meeting at Dongdeok Women’s University in South Korea on October 8 and 9. The event on the 9th will also be live and online. The broadcast will be live is also held at the same time.

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