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Apink’s Park Cho-rong, a classmate who asked to retire, was handed over to prosecutors on charges of intimidation

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Apink member Park Chorong has been sent to the prosecution as an opinion for indictment after reporting a classmate who raised suspicions of school violence against him and threatened to retire.

According to the law firm Taerim, Park Chorong’s legal representative, on the 22nd, through a police investigation over 7 months, classmate A maliciously edited transcripts of school violence, which was a social issue at the time, or photos that have nothing to do with the contents. It was judged that the charges of intimidating the client with false facts, such as disclosing the information to the public, were accepted.

In early March of this year, Mr. A sent a large-scale tip email containing false facts about the client’s private life to a number of entertainment and social department reporters in response to the fact that the entertainment industry’s suspicions of school violence were pouring out. announced and urged him to retire. In the content, there was a picture of Park Chorong drinking while underage, saying, “I was dragged into an alley by Park Chorong and his friends, whom I met by chance while in school, and assaulted my head and shoulders.”

At the time, Park Chorong said, “It has become such a big deal due to mutual misunderstanding, but the memories of spending time with me as friends from elementary school to high school are still there, so it’s even more painful and indescribable.” Regarding this, I want to reiterate that I am innocent until the end. I have never been slapped, undressed, or assaulted like Mr. A claims.” In addition, a proof of content was issued through a law firm asking for restraint, but Mr. A did not stop reporting false information, and Park Chorong and his agency sued the informant at the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul on April 1.

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The police conducted a multifaceted investigation, including statements from acquaintances, based on A’s allegation of assault in high school. However, due to the conflicting statements, it was difficult to confirm whether the matter actually existed. Park Chorong’s representative added, “We will do our best until the investigation by the investigative agency is completely closed and the substantive truth is revealed.”

Law firm Taerim said, “We hope that the hearts of Chorong Park and his fans, who have suffered intense emotional pain due to false, exaggerated, and speculative reports and accusations based on unconfirmed false facts, can be alleviated a little as a result of the above police investigation. “I earnestly ask you to refrain from reporting false, exaggerated, and speculative reports based on unconfirmed content until the investigation by the investigative agency is closed so that the essence of the case is not undermined.”

Reporter Hwang Ji-young, Entertainment News Team [email protected] (Content Business Headquarters)


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