Appeal up to 12 years in prison, “Mawadee” stole Ama Huai, a sick mother of 24 million.

On November 1, 2022, at the Phra Khanong Criminal Court, Sanphawut Road, the court arranged to read the judgment of the Court of Appeal. Criminal Case No. Black Or.1668/2563
In which Mrs Huai Sriwirat, 85, is the plaintiff, filed a lawsuit against Ms Mawadee Sriwirat, daughter, 56, the defendant after 2017, causing a gradual withdrawal of more than 24 million baht in the account and transfer of assets. while Mrs. Huai is recovering with coronary artery disease in hospital. Ask the court to punish the theft

The Court of First Instance ruled that the defendant is guilty of the Criminal Code, Section 334.
The defendant’s actions were separate crimes. All offenses are punishable as offenses under Penal Code, Section 91, imprisonment for 6 counts, 2 years per count, total imprisonment for 12 years without parole Later, the defendant filed an appeal.

Mr Ananchai Chaiyadej, lawyer on behalf of Ms Huay, said today that the Court of Appeal confirmed the Court of First Instance to sentence the defendant to 12 years imprisonment without parole. The court concluded that the defendant was dependent on the plaintiff’s illness. Take the plaintiff to withdraw money to different banks. where the plaintiff did not agree Both buy money in the defendant’s name buy life insurance in the defendant’s name and bring money into the account on behalf of the defendant himself The plaintiff handles money for personal gain consider it a fraud In addition, it is not the vision of a son who should be grateful to his mother. But to steal money from the plaintiff who was a mother who went corrupt And the defendant brought some money to invest in the business of the defendant’s destination. According to the construction photos, the two destination locations AND a copy of the land title deed, Photo document. 44 circumstances, the defendant’s intention was to dishonestly take the plaintiff’s money.

In addition, in the case at the Phra Khanong Criminal Court Black Case No. 3228/2562, where the prosecutor is the plaintiff, Mrs. Huai is a plaintiff, together with Ms. Mawadee and five of them, who are accused of stealing money from Kasikorn Bank Ltd., a total of more than 200 million baht. Phra Khanong Criminal Court Appointment to hear the judgment on November 14, 2022 at 1:30 pm

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