Appease the “mob”? “Dr. Anon” boils down to “Chatchat”, a student of the royal scholarship with M. 112, an academician who raised 7 things, 3 inches.

“Dr. Anon” asked for remorse “Students. Royal scholarship” after “Chatchat” answered the question “Rung” about the cancellation of 112, do not use it as a political tool, 8-year revenge, can still wait Think of a “3-finger group” of 7 things.

Very interesting, today (30 May 65) Facebook page THE TRUTH by Kluay Nam Wah, posted a hot topic! “Dr. Anon” asks for gratitude for students of the royal scholarship after “Chatchat” answered the question of canceling 112

By stating that after on May 29, 65 there were activities Market (match) people Organized by a group of people led by Mr. Panupong Jadnok or Mike Rayong, which highlighted the important thing is the auction of products from the leaders of the people’s group such as Rung Panassaya Sitthichirawatanakul, Mr. Anon Nampha, Mr. Pre Cheewarak and Mr. Jatupat Boonpattararaksa or Phai Daodin

It appears that Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, the governor of Bangkok also participated in such activities In the meantime, Rung Panassaya inquired about the issue of canceling Section 112 with Mr Chatchat, to which Mr Chatchart replied that

The governor of Bangkok is not concerned with Section 112, but has an opinion that Section 112 should not be used as a tool to create divisions. If you look at it from a managerial point of view, actually being an executive There must be a certain level of gentleness. There has to be a way of gradual adjustment. If I say that I will cancel M.112, I think it will go to another pole. Therefore, it had to start from not using Section 112 as a political tool. by asking to start here And then it will gradually develop, but if you speak as an executive, there must be a way to communicate.

“Like me, I have endured for 8 years, right? It’s been a long time. It’s been a revolution until today, it’s 8 years, but we have to have a strategy. There must be a strategy to walk, he said, probably not related to this. In English, Revenge is a dish best served cold. It’s good when it’s cold, that is, don’t take anger or resentment to do. Learn to formulate a strategy to walk and time will be on our side, but I will say that this minute canceling 112 is not easy, but please don’t use it as a political tool. Let’s talk about this point first, okay? Let’s go to the next step.”

Most recently, Asst. Prof. Dr. Anon Sakvorawit Lecturer at Faculty of Applied Statistics The National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) posted a shared message. Via personal Facebook Asst. Prof. Dr. Anon Sakworawit with the message that

“Students of the royal scholarship hate the institution Waiting for the day of vengeance, right or not?”

At the same time, Assoc. Prof. Harirak Sutabutr, former Vice President for Personnel Management Thammasat University (Thammasat University) posted a message via personal Facebook Harirak Sutabutr stating that…

Surprisingly, the latest post has a 3 inch tour group coming down so densely. Even though my page is a private page, but it is open to the public, but it is set to people to comment It can only be done by friends and friends of friends. It means that someone may continue to post on the 3-inch side of the page for the tour to go down. It doesn’t matter, but I would like to block only those who use impolite words such as “you. ” and “Tiger”, etc.

The message that the tour group came down not caused by logic But the logic of the 3-finger group and the logic of the 3-finger group are called conservatives. or that slime come from different paradigms It’s hard to talk to each other. After reading these comments I couldn’t resist asking for a summary of features and ideas. Or it may be called the DNA of the 3-inch group that everyone has in common again as follows.

1. There is not enough patience to fully understand the content. Before responding, for example, when comparing the government that is not elected and the government where the Prime Minister is an outsider, such as General Prem, including the NCPO government, with the elected government, including the current government, that overall. Cabinet of government that is not elected and that the Prime Minister is an outsider higher quality This is not to say that the current “3-year” government is of high quality in any way. But still people come and say that I said the “3 year” government is of high quality and even said that I would puke.

2. Ideas and paradigms are often not based on real situations. but due to news addiction and messages from the post itself alone Because his responses are often based on beliefs that come from the message on the 3-finger page or the message that the cult used to say. This constitution is a constitution that has been passed by a referendum. They often argue that When the referendum was passed, it was because Who came out to cheer? But whoever objected to it was arrested. But if in a real situation, then know that when it was announced Referendum Act will not be able to campaign to lead to a referendum in any way It can only be done by campaigning for people to vote in a referendum, which is a campaign that is operated by government agencies. Hence the origin of the allegations that Government agencies can But when people do something, they get arrested. But government agencies, he campaigned for people to go to the referendum. It is not directed to give approval or disapproval in any way. But that the people campaigned to overturn the constitution, which was only sporadic. But it’s against the law.

such referendum Nearly 17 million people voted in favor, despite a large number of disagreements over the Senate’s ultimate question of power and origin. but also to approve probably because Many people do not want the political parties under Mr Thaksin to return to power and the power of the senators to vote on the prime minister. The attached questions are only available for the first 5 years. And the Senate has no power to vote for trusting or not trusting the government in any way. So most people are able to swallow it. Who was not in the actual event Or those who support Thaksin will not understand this sentiment.

3. Refusing to accept reality that does not match your own beliefs, for example, not accepting that the situation had reached a dead end before the coup d’etat and look at only that An elected government can do anything. The overthrow of the government can only be done in the National Assembly, namely by the vote of the members of the House of Representatives only. It is equal to not listening to the voices of the people, in fact, the people are not one-sided. And the protests did not take place in the first year of Yingluck’s government. But it happened after the corruption was evident. especially in the case of rice pledging And the protest culminated when an attempt was made to pass. End of Soi Amnesty Act

4. have the belief that The military is constantly on the lookout for a coup and believes that each monarch supports the coup. Alleging that the protesters ousted the Khun Yingluck government. trying to create conditions for the military to use as a reason for the coup In this case, all those who attended the rally would be able to tell whether it was true or not. What did the PDRC think and how to do it? Just want Khun Yingluck’s government to leave. and the conditions that caused the coup It was not caused by the protesters, such as one night at the Democracy Monument. There was a pickup truck carrying a number of people. have weapons of war Mass shooting at protesters around the monument causing a number of deaths and many injuries In this case, I personally visited and talked to the wounded. In addition, several bombs were thrown at the protesters. causing many injuries and deaths events like this is to create a situation for the protesters to cause a coup or

5. I believe that the current government of General Prayut Chan-ocha is not elected and General Prayut himself is not elected. Despite giving political parties specifying who will nominate no more than 3 prime ministers before the election different from nominating those who will be Where is the list of MPs listed? and Palang Pracharath Party received the number 1 popular vote, but the number of MPs was ranked 2nd. A senator who is not elected can only vote for the Prime Minister.

6. I believe that General Prayut Chan-ocha is stupid even though General Prayut got the first exam from Wat Nuan Noradit School. and can take the exam to prepare for the military He climbed up to become the commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai Army, who said that Gen. Prayut was stupid, was he able to pass first place in the exam or not? Has he been in the military or not? or find information on corruption, if any come attack more

Assoc. Prof. Harirak Sutabutr's photo from the file
7. Monopoly on authenticity Hold on to beliefs as facts, see yourself as smart and keep up with the world on one side is a wrong opinion And always obsolete, for example, there is a belief that according to the spinning Thai society must not have inequality. everyone must be equal The monarchy is a model of inequality. And it’s also an unprofitable institution. The persistence of the monarchy is a waste of the state budget that comes from the tax of the people. have anger Hate the monarchy as if it were a personal grudge. in which true equality is just a discourse. does not exist in the world

I must say once again that In the 2019 elections, I did not vote for the Pracharat Party. Didn’t choose the Thai Prachachat Party, and certainly didn’t choose the Pheu Thai Party. I have never supported General Prayut and never thought that Gen Prayut would be a prime minister. But he did not want the Thaksin regime to return. So I’m still not sure which party to choose in the next election, but definitely not the three parties above.

One comment said If the current democracy cannot create a good government. Why not offer another method? The fact has been proposed, that is, to directly elect the Prime Minister. do not have to go through an agent and decisively separate the executive power from the legislative power, that is, the MPs act to make laws only and giving the elected Prime Minister full freedom to choose the Cabinet without worrying about party quotas. or any political group But no one would dare to write a constitution like this.

in the future We must make up our minds People with the above seven attributes are likely to play an increasingly active role in society and politics. Today they are not the majority of the people of the country. But one day they will be I hope when I get older more experience They will change from the original. more or less is still good so that there will be less conflicts in the country Our country will have a better place to live.

Of course, the important issue may be in the case of “Chatchat” attending the activities of the 3-inch mob group “Talad (Fat) People” What does this show? Thank you for choosing or the same party?

The next issue, the answer to the cancellation of Section 112 of “Chatchat”, even before leaving It’s not about the Bangkok governor and doesn’t answer honestly that. Agree or disagree with the cancellation

But saying that it shouldn’t be used as a “tool” creates divisions. Political tools and see that this is all and then evolved step by step Means there is a development that can get to that point?

including the “context” used to describe Anyone can figure out which side they’re on?

And it is not surprising that Dr. Anon would ask questions from the context in which he explained. revolutionary about resentment About 8 years of patience, what is that telling?

by the consciousness of being Should “Royal Scholarship students” answer this way? And if you don’t agree with the repeal of Section 112 to protect the institution Is it a very difficult matter? Everything makes you think like that!?

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