Apple acknowledges bug that freezes after data transfer on iPhone 14 Pro series – iPhone Wired

An appleInvestigated an issue where iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models could freeze after users transferred data from an old iPhone with Quick Start.It was reported that

Freeze after data transfer

In an internal memo obtained by US media outlet MacRumors, Apple said, “We are aware of this issue and are investigating it.” In particular, the company said that some users could use the quick start after restoring iCloud or transferring data from an old iPhone.iPhone 14 ProOr the iPhone 14 Pro Max may freeze and become unresponsive.

As a workaround for this issue, Apple recommends that users force restart if their iPhone is unresponsive for more than 5 minutes.iPhone 14 ProNew buyers of the series are facing similar issues with device activation on September 15 local time.

The iPhone 14 Pro series ships with iOS 16 installed, but a new version of iOS 16.0.1 is available, which the user must install after setting up the new device.

Source: MacRumors
Photo: Apple

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