Apple admits iPhone 14 Pro camera shake, weird sound disaster! Will release update to fix – Mr Crazy

Several iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max users found that the use of social software caused lens disasters, such as Douyin (TikTok), Instagram, FaceBook, Snapchat, which would cause the lens screen to shake abnormally and the module camera to click. Firmly, Apple has identified this bug and said that it will release an iOS 16 update in the future.

Many iPhone 14 Pro series users responded that they would hear a click from the camera module as long as the TikTok or Instagram camera function was turned on. Some serious ones would cause the lens module to shake abnormally, and they could also hear the mechanical sound Snapchat also Received reports from users, saying that they are working with Apple to solve this problem. As for Instagram, FB, and Douyin, they have not responded to this problem.

Currently, Apple has told Bloomberg that it has confirmed this error and will launch an iOS 16 update next week to fix the camera shake/abnormal sound issue on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max .

It is known that the abnormal position of the iPhone 14 Pro camera will only occur on third-party social software, but there is no problem with the built-in camera. The main reason is that the lenses of the iPhone 14 Pro series have the sensor optical image stabilization function- second generation shift. , Due to the incompatibility of the OIS optical stabilization firmware with third parties, the optical image stabilization of the lens will often experience abnormal jitter or vibration.

If the current iPhone 14 Pro series camera also has this problem, and it occurs in a third-party APP, it is recommended to wait for the subsequent official iOS 16 version update to solve it, and it is also recommended to open the camera mode of social software as little as possible before repair, in order to prevent the optical image stabilization function from being damaged due to the abnormal vibration of the optical image stabilization displacement photosensitive element.

In addition, we also appeal to iPhone 14 Pro series users not to upgrade the iOS 16.1 Beta version, which will cause GPS positioning errors, and try to maintain the current official version as much as possible.

iPhone 14 Pro detailed analysis:

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