Apple AR head-mounted device or next year Guo Mingchi: other companies of the same type are difficult to compete-Hong Kong

Foreign media quoted a well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s research report that Apple’s first AR headset will be released in the fourth quarter of 2022, and will explain more technical information about the device.

According to Guo Mingchi, Apple’s first AR headset will have two processors: one with “the same level of computing power as the M1”; the other to process input from various sensors. Guo also said that the headset has at least 6-8 optical modules, which can provide continuous image perspective services at the same time. There are also rumors that the two 4K OLED microdisplays in the AR headset are from Sony.

Guo Mingchi believes that the headset’s “Mac-level (computer-level) computing power”, the ability to operate without restriction, and its wide range of applications are extremely competitive, and rivals may find it difficult to compete with it. Regarding whether the headset is completely independent, relying on the iPhone or a separate boxed processor to stream content, various reports are divided.

He also stated in the report that positioning AR headsets as accessories for Mac or iPhone will not be conducive to product growth.


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