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There are high expectations that the AR headset being developed by Apple will be announced within 2022, but there are rumors that it will take a considerable amount of time from the announcement to the release.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who is familiar with Apple’s inside information, said in the latest issue of the newsletter “Power On,” Apple will certainly announce an AR headset in 2022, but the same thing as the original iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. It states that it can happen. In other words, there is a considerable amount of waiting time between the announcement by Apple and the actual launch of the product.

According to Gurman, “there is a blank period comparable to the Apple Watch.” By the way, it has taken more than 7 months since the first Apple Watch was announced at a special event in September 2014 (predicted to be “iWatch” before the announcement) until it is released at the end of April 2015.

Why does it take so long? According to Gurman, “Apple’s first headset has a complex and expensive design and is equipped with interchangeable lenses. Apple has worked with governments around the world to develop prescription lenses and many more. We need to work with manufacturers to develop complex technologies that have never been commercialized. “

And if it takes a long time to launch, the prototype will be in the hands of many Apple employees and cooperating companies, and it will also lead to the risk of information leakage. Before that happens, Apple wants to release a “breakthrough new category” ahead of schedule.

More important than that is the “months of public relations time needed to get people interested in new (and expensive) products and gain sufficient support among software developers. Probably. “

Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expected the AR headset to have a Mac-like processor, and Gurman also said it would be a Mac Pro-like high price for high performance, but it’s such a luxury item. Even if it is released suddenly, it will not be accepted by customers and developers, and it will be necessary to first gain understanding and boost its popularity.

Regarding the specific schedule, the AR headset announcement will be at WWDC (World Developers Conference) in 2022, and the event will focus on AR and VR application development. And it is said that the product will be shipped from the end of 2022 to 2023.

Gurman once said that Apple is aiming for an “MR (Mixed Reality) experience that can handle high-quality VR games” with its own headset. It’s hard to imagine how much market there is for gaming devices as expensive as the Mac Pro, but it may not be a very expensive purchase for gaming PC users who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for graphics boards.


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