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Apple co-founder said there is no difference between old and new iPhone-Apple iPhone-cnBeta.COM

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On September 15, Apple’s 13 series was officially released. As Apple’s annual flagship, Apple’s 13 debut caused a wave of phone replacements among netizens. In the field of high-end devices, Apple continues to dominate. However, there are also users who are familiar with Apple complain about it. In recent years, Apple’s performance is more like squeezing toothpaste, with few innovative application designs, and even the distinction between historical mobile phones is becoming less and less obvious, even the co-founder of Apple does not see it. Go down.


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According to reports, recently, Apple co-founder Wozniak said recently,He found that the iPhone 13 is almost indistinguishable from the previous version of the device. “I got the new iPhone, I really can’t tell the difference,” Wozniak said, the software should also be applicable to the old iPhone.

In fact, what Wozniak said was true, and many netizens also called it true.

The overall design of the iPhone 13 series has hardly changed. In terms of appearance and camera layout, Apple 13 has not changed much.

However, the official said that the width of the bangs of the iPhone 13 model is 20% less than the width of the previous model. The rear lens module has changed from the vertical arrangement of the iPhone 12 to a diagonal arrangement. But the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are still a three-camera combination, so the arrangement has not changed.

As for the chip and high brush, it can be regarded as a major highlight of the iPhone 13. But for the old users of the iPhone 11/12 series, there is no need to upgrade to the iPhone 13 series, because there is basically no difference in the daily experience.



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