Samsung World’s largest smartphone maker For years. However, as Chinese companies such as Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo are expanding to other regions, Korean giants are shrinking their market share and keeping Apple in the XNUMX position at all times.

As Trendforce states, Apple could overtake Samsung in the last quarter of 2021To reach a market share of 21.2% from 2021% in the 15th and 9th quarters of 23,1 years. As part of that, Samsung will reduce its market share from 19.4% to XNUMX%.

Apple market share

In the report published by this medium, you can read:

According to the latest TrendForce Research, the smartphone market is showing an improvement in demand in the second half of this year due to the peak season of e-commerce promotion activities and the decrease in COVID-19 outbreaks in regions such as Southeast Asia.

However, there is a significant shortage of components such as 4G SoCs, low-end 5G SoCs, and display panel driver ICs.Persistent component gaps will prevent smartphone brands from increasing device production in the second half of this year[…]

In the future, the key point of the smartphone market will be whether the demand will be further weakened by the pandemic.

It’s true that Apple expanded its market share in the last quarter of this year for the Christmas sale and announced a new model, but things are complicated this year. Due to lack of supply already affecting the availability of iPhone 13.

To be honest, given the supply shortages and manufacturing problems that Apple and other manufacturers are experiencing, it’s impressive that XNUMX gained market share by XNUMX% in just eight minutes.We will have to Wait until the XNUMX month to see if this forecast is confirmed.