Apple Criticized for Using Fear of Death in Marketing Campaigns

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Apple Accused of Using Death as a Marketing Strategy

Written by Kim Seung-han | September 20, 2023 | 07:59

Apple has come under fire for allegedly exploiting the deaths of users in their marketing campaigns. An article titled ‘Apple continues to use our deaths as marketing’ was published by American IT media outlet The Verge, shedding light on Apple’s questionable tactics.

The Verge raised concerns about Apple’s promotion of the Apple Watch’s SOS function as a way to prevent accidents. They argue that instead of providing reassurance, this marketing approach instills discomfort and capitalizes on people’s fear of death to sell products.

In recent years, Apple has used advertising that suggests dire consequences without their devices, such as the possibility of drowning in a sinking car or suffering hypothermia after falling into a frozen lake. At the recent ‘iPhone 15’ announcement event, it became apparent that this ‘death marketing’ strategy extends beyond the Apple Watch, now encompassing the iPhone as well.

The Verge expressed their concerns, stating that these advertisements create unease and exploit fear rather than offering hope. They argue that it sends the message that one must either purchase Apple products or be at risk of endangering their lives. This fear-inducing approach contrasts sharply with Apple’s previous advertisements, which focused on improving health and connectivity.

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Today’s Money Reporter Kim Seung-han | 2023.09.20 07:59


iPhone 15. /Photo = Newsis It has been noted that Apple uses the death of users as marketing.

According to industry sources on the 19th (local time), American IT media outlet The Verge recently published an article titled ‘Apple continues to use our deaths as marketing’ which criticized Apple’s marketing.

In the article, The Verge noted, “Apple advertises that it can prevent accidents with the Apple Watch’s SOS function, but this makes users uncomfortable and, above all, tries to sell products by exploiting people’s fear of death.”

In recent years, Apple has used advertising messages that suggest you could drown in a sinking car, get stuck in a garbage compactor, or suffer hypothermia after falling into a frozen lake without your Apple Watch.

The same message appeared at the recent ‘iPhone 15’ announcement event, and this time, attention was drawn to the fact that ‘death marketing’ was being used not only for the Apple Watch but also for the iPhone.

Regarding this, The Verge said, “This ad makes viewers uncomfortable and expresses fear rather than hope, conveying a message that either buy Apple products or risk their lives.” “This way of causing fear is because the product “It’s a stark contrast to past adverts that showed people using to improve their health and communicate with people,” he said.

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