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Beijing time on September 19th news, Apple has encountered a problem of “bad actors”, which could affect the company’s path to the Olympics. In 2020, Apple paid $120 million (about 838 million yuan) for the distribution rights to “Emancipation,” a Civil War-era film starring Will Smith. starring Will Smith).

Smith stars in the film “Emancipation”

When the film finished shooting earlier this year, Apple thought it would definitely be an Oscar contender. But that was before Smith stepped on the Oscars stage in March and slapped the host, comedian Chris Rock. At the time, Locke made jokes about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

As a result, the slap led to him renouncing his membership of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and being banned from any Academy-related activities for the next decade, including the telecast of the Oscars.

grind in the hand?

Now, Apple finds itself in a dilemma. The yet-to-be-released Austrian film cost $120 million, but features a star who has fallen out of favor at the biggest awards show. Another big question: Even if the film is an artistic success, can it overcome the baggage Smith now carries?

The sensitivity of the situation is obvious. Apple has discussed internally releasing “Liberation” by the end of the year so it would be eligible for an Oscar, three people familiar with the matter said. However, Vanity Fair reported in May that the film would be delayed until 2023.

When asked how and when Emancipation would be released, Apple declined to comment on Smith or anything else about the film.

gof slap oscar host

This problem is not easy to solve. Should Apple delay a movie based on an important historical theme because of the main character’s scandal, or should it go ahead and release the movie and see what happens? Viewers may lose interest in Smith’s presence, which could take some of the shine off Apple’s carefully crafted brand. They may also respond positively to the film, creating momentum for the film to reach the Oscars, but this may upset members of the film school.

For Apple, the question of how to market “Freedom” will bring scrutiny to its film marketing department, which has drawn Hollywood’s attention to boring advertising spending and unrelated communications, and parted ways with its head of video marketing this month. this.

“If they shelved the film, would it hurt Apple’s reputation? If it was released, would it hurt their reputation?” Stephen Dean of Chapman University’s Dodge School of Film and Media Arts and former executive editor of The Hollywood Reporter “Hollywood likes a win-win situation, it’s a lose-lose,” asked Stephen Galloway.

“Regardless of the quality of the film, all the media, all the critics, all the columnists, all the award prognosticators are going to be watching it, talking about that slap in the face,” Stephen Gilula, former co- CEO of Searchlight Pictures, said in a statement. “There is a good chance that the film will not be judged on its pure merit. That puts it in a very difficult context,” he said in an interview.

For some, the film may be too good to keep quiet. Apple’s test screening of “Emancipation” earlier this year for general audiences in Chicago received overwhelmingly positive response, particularly to Smith’s performance, which one described as a “volcanic eruption,” three people familiar with the matter said. Audiences said in their post-screening feedback that they did not lose interest in the film because of Smith’s recent public behavior.

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