Apple faces lawsuit after AirPods suddenly made loud noises causing teen to become deaf

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Many medical organizations will warn that long-term use of headphones will bring chronic hearing strain, but everyone also ignores the sudden loud sound, which will cause indelible damage. According to NBC, a Texas couple is suing Apple, saying their 12-year-old son was deaf because of Apple’s headphones.

The incident happened in 2020, when a boy wearing AirPods Pro was watching a movie at a low volume, because the iPhone received the local broadcast emergency alert Amber Alert (Amber Alert), and made a loud sound through the headphones without warning. The result was a tear in the boy’s eardrum and damage to the cochlea, causing considerable damage. It is said that the boy suffered dizziness, nausea, tinnitus and other reactions at the time, and later he will need to use hearing aids for life due to hearing damage.

The lawsuit alleges that the AirPods did not “automatically lower, control, limit, or progressively increase the volume of the warning to a safe level before broadcasting,” and that Apple did not provide guidelines to limit the volume of the earphones when the warning was played to avoid injury. The plaintiffs’ couple said that Apple did not fix it and thought they would let Apple know if they were unaware of the problem.

On the Apple support page, it turns out that some users are complaining that the volume of AirPods will suddenly increase, so this problem seems to have affected many people.

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