Apple Introduces USB-C to Ethernet Support in iPhone 15: Faster Wired Internet Connections

Apple iPhone 15 Series Officially on Sale, Introduces USB-C to Ethernet Support

By Xu Yuanxin, Contributing Writer

In a highly anticipated move, Apple has launched its latest iPhone 15 series, marking a significant milestone in the smartphone industry. Alongside its impressive features and improved performance, one standout addition has caught the attention of users worldwide – the support for USB-C to Ethernet network card.

The revolutionary USB-C to Ethernet adapter enables iPhone 15 users to enjoy faster download speeds and a more stable internet connection compared to conventional Wi-Fi networks. This groundbreaking feature has sparked excitement among consumers who rely on uninterrupted internet access.

Apple’s official statement revealed that the iPhone 15 now has the capability to connect to a wired network through a USB-C to Ethernet adapter. Once connected, users are presented with an inconspicuous “Ethernet” setting option within the iPhone’s “Settings” app. This new setting allows users to view vital information such as IP address, Mac address, and connected devices.

Impressively, tests conducted by foreign netizens showcased the iPhone 15’s outstanding performance when connected to an Ethernet network. With maximum internet speeds exceeding 800 Mbps, the wired connection offers a significant improvement over wireless alternatives. This feature proves particularly advantageous for users seeking to download large files or indulge in graphically intensive gaming experiences from the comfort of their own homes.

Public Reaction and Expectations

The iPhone 15’s launch has been met with a mix of anticipation and skepticism. In a recent unboxing video, renowned 3C experts lauded the device’s innovative “titanium shell” design, emphasizing its suitability for use without phone cases. Critics, however, question the rumored “1 change” between the iPhone 15 and its predecessor, challenging its durability claims. Fruit enthusiasts eagerly await further details before passing judgment.

Meanwhile, a Japanese program garnered attention by showcasing Taiwanese-style chicken rice, sparking a heated debate among netizens regarding the addition of coriander to the dish, with some branding it a culinary crime.

Lastly, an individual’s online account of their disappointment upon returning to Taiwan from Japan has gained traction. The author outlines five key aspects of Taiwan that failed to meet their expectations, causing them to express their disdain for what they perceive as surface-level observations.

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Center for Science and Technology/Reported by Xu Yuanxin

Apple’s new iPhone 15 series is officially on sale. (Photo/photo by reporter Lai Junyou)

The new Apple iPhone 15 series is officially on sale. Some users have discovered that the new model supports a USB-C to Ethernet network card, which allows wired Internet connections and download speeds to be faster than Wi-Fi.

Apple officially released a message stating that the iPhone 15 can use a USB-C to Ethernet adapter to connect to a wired network to transmit Internet signals. When the iPhone 15 is connected to the Ethernet cable, a hidden “Ethernet” setting option will appear in the iPhone’s “Settings” App. In its settings, you can see the IP address, Mac address, and various devices.

Some foreign netizens have actually measured that after the iPhone 15 is connected to an Ethernet network, the maximum speed reaches an Internet speed of over 800 Mbps, which is significantly faster than a wireless connection. If users want to download a large number of files or games at home, they can use this function.

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