Apple iPhone 13 has become the most value-preserved mobile phone in all generations, 4 reasons for the market explosion-Mr. Crazy

Since Apple launched the iPhone 13 series in the autumn conference, some people still can’t buy it since its launch. However, a recent SellCell market research report pointed out that although Apple’s mobile phone is more valuable than the Android brand, the iPhone 13 is more valuable than the iPhone 12. Or the old iPhone is better.

According to a SellCell survey, the iPhone 13 second-hand depreciation rate is 0.6% on average, the first month’s depreciation is 24.9%, and the second month’s average is only 25.5%. In comparison, the iPhone 13’s depreciation is 19.1% less than that of the iPhone 11 series and iPhone 12. The series is 15.5% lower, and the preservation of the iPhone 13 is also higher than that of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11.

It is worth noting that the average price of the iPhone 13 series will rise significantly in the second month. For example, the price of 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max will increase by 1.4%, the price of 512GB will increase by 1.7%, and the price of 128GB will increase by 1.8%. Never seen before, on the contrary, the depreciation and price reduction of the iPhone 13 mini is the most obvious in the iPhone 13 series. Regardless of the 128GB and 256GB models, they will immediately lose 349 US dollars (about 9,700 Taiwan dollars) after starting one month.

SellCell’s analysis of 45 second-hand survey market data surveys found that the iPhone 13 has become the highest value-preserved mobile phone in all generations. It is mainly due to factors such as iPhone chip shortages, production reductions, delayed shipments, and epidemics. Keep the value of the phone.

Since the launch of the iPhone 13 series, Apple has experienced a shortage of supply, while reducing its output by 20%, which will cause the iPhone 13 to be prone to undersupply. On the other hand, the second-hand iPhone 13 series will not have such a serious depreciation rate.

SellCell speculates that before the demand for iPhone 13 has not been met, it is expected that it will continue to increase the value retention of the second mobile phone before the end of 2021.

As for the iPhone 14, will it be as valuable as the iPhone 13? SellCell believes that it is unlikely, unless it is 2022 and 2023 that continue to show a shortage of chips and another outbreak of variant viruses around the world, and it is expected that normal supply will resume next year.

From the data, it can be confirmed that the iPhone has better value retention than other brands. If you choose between iPhone and Android and consider the value retention of old-for-new, then choosing iPhone will be more suitable than Android, so that it will not cause second-hand The price depreciation is too serious.

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