Apple Launches Racial Equity and Justice Initiative to Fight Racism

Today, Apple released several important new projects. It is part of the $ 100 million Racial Equity and Justice Initiative (REJI). That seeks to eliminate systems that are barriers to opportunities And fight the injustice faced by the black and brown community. For this reason, projects Therefore having to look forward and be complete all round

Starting with the Propel Center, an unprecedented global hub for innovation and learning for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Apple Developer Academy supports coding and technology education for students in the city. Detroit

And raising money as a venture capital business for black and brown entrepreneurs And it’s all part of Apple’s REJI initiative, which aims to expand opportunities for black and brown communities across the country. And help build the next generation of diverse leaders

“We all have an urgent mission to create a more just and equitable world. And new projects These are very clear signals of Apple’s commitment to this matter, ”said Apple CEO Tim Cook.“ We are launching our latest REJI program with partners from different industries from different backgrounds.

From students to teachers Developers to entrepreneurs And community event organizers to supporters of justice They work together to strengthen communities that have long been the hardest hit by racism and discrimination. And we are honored to put this vision into practice. And it has shown that our speech and actions are consistent with our values ​​of equality and inclusion, which Apple has always valued.

In June, Apple launched REJI amid a global wave of protests following the deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and many others. And the initiative continues Apple’s work to promote racial equality. In education, the economy and the justice system, led by Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environmental programs, policy and social activities, REJI is a complementary initiative for Apple’s internal initiatives to enhance diversity and inclusion. Differences at all levels of the company

“Everyone, regardless of skin color or where they come from, deserves equal opportunity,” Jackson says. Too long to accept Just to want to achieve the American dream And we are extremely proud to be the voice of the voice and help create new opportunities. Up in a systematic way to empower Inspire And cause a truly meaningful change “

Apple Expands Partnership with HBCU with Propel Center

Apple partnered with Southern Company and other community stakeholders to support the launch of the Propel Center, an unprecedented hub for innovation and learning for the HBCU community, and a $ 25 million grant from Apple. It will enable Propel Center to provide a robust virtualization platform to HBCU students and faculty, as well as the historic Atlanta University Center campus. And organizing outings in partner institutions, the center is designed to support the diverse next generation of leaders. By providing a state-of-the-art curriculum Technology assistance Career opportunities In addition, the Propel Center offers a wide range of study paths, including AI and systems learning, agricultural technology, social justice, entertainment arts, app development. , Augmented Reality, Design and Creative Arts, Career Readiness And entrepreneurship With Apple experts to develop courses Including providing counseling and continuing learning assistance While offering internship opportunities


The Propel Center, created and designed by Ed Farm, is a creative organization working to promote innovation and educational equality. The initiative stems from Apple’s collaboration with Ed Farm and collaboration with 36 HBCUs to provide coding opportunities. Creative use And job opportunities for campuses and communities Across the US

“We are very excited to be joining Apple on this special project,” said Anthony Oni, Ed Farm founder and chairman of the board and vice president of Southern Company. “The Propel Center will help cultivate leadership and drive innovation in technology and beyond. Any It will act as a springboard that is both the starting point and the driving force for change in communities across America. ”


The company has also established two new funds to support the HBCU engineering program as part of an ongoing partnership between Apple and HBCU. Apple’s innovative fund will enable HBCU Colleges of Engineering to develop silicon and hardware engineering courses in partnership with Apple experts, and the new Faculty Fellows program will support HBCU educators to conduct research and development with the giving program. consult Assistance in curriculum development And funds to equip their laboratory space.


Apple is now offering scholarships to 100 new Apple Scholars from underprivileged communities. This is an extension of a long-running scholarship program with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. In addition to financial support, the Apple Scholars Program offers consulting and career development experience at Apple.

Apple’s first US Developer Academy will open in Downtown Detroit.

Later this year, Apple will open the first Apple Developer Academy in the United States in Detroit. Detroit is a vibrant community of black entrepreneurs and developers. There are over 50,000 black owned businesses, according to the U.S. Census. This institution is designed to empower entrepreneurs. Creator And young black coders To help them practice the skills they need to work in a rapidly growing iOS app economy, the Apple Developer Academy program in partnership with Michigan State University will be available to all learners in Detroit. Join Regardless of their educational background Or have or without prior coding experience

Apple Developer Academy in Detroit will offer two programs, the 30-day introductory program, designed for learners who are considering a career in apps and want to better understand what it means to be a developer. The full program is an intensive 10 to 12 month program that allows aspiring developers to build the skills they need to join the iOS app industry or even start their own businesses. The institution’s programs reach over 1,000 students each year with courses covering coding, design, marketing and professional skills.

And over the next month, Apple will host an online Entrepreneur Camp program for black app founders and developers. To provide one-on-one coding advice from Apple experts and engineers, as well as consulting, inspiration, and insights from Apple’s top leaders.

Empower entrepreneurs through new partnerships to promote capital.

Apple today announced two new ventures in venture capital and banking to end the systematic budget barriers faced by black and brown investors, both designed to fund. Capital for minority businesses in society The firm will provide a $ 10 million investment in New York-based venture capital firm Harlem Capital. To fund investments in 1,000 companies with a wide range of founders over the next 20 years, in addition to funding black business owners, Harlem Capital shares their expertise across Apple’s programs aimed at promoting accessibility. Economic opportunities It provides guidance and mentoring to students at the Detroit Developer Academy and attendees of Apple’s Entrepreneur Camp for Black Founders and Developers. Apple is also sponsoring a Harlem Capital internship program aimed at investors, women and minorities.

The company is also investing $ 25 million in Siebert Williams Shank’s Clear Vision Impact Fund, which provides funding to small and medium-sized businesses. Focusing on minority-owned companies The Fund aims to support businesses that operate or operate in markets that do not receive adequate attention. While promoting barrier-free growth initiatives

Upgrading the organization in the community

Apple supports community colleges Non-profit organization And local organizations working to promote and expand opportunities for future generations as part of REJI’s mission continuously.

Apple sponsors funds for The King Center, an organization established to recognize Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s fame, share teachings and inspire young people. Ready to carry on his determination to complete Over the next week, Dr. Bernice A. King, the daughter of Dr. King and CEO of The King Center, will be announcing an initiative to encourage younger people to take action to give back to the community as part of Apple’s “Challenge for Change” series. Recommendations in the form of top conversation and learning-driven challenging activities primarily about race and inequality.

Apple’s support of The King Center is one of the contributions to the company’s non-profit organization dedicated to promoting equality and justice. This includes donations to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama.



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