Apple M1 / ​​M2 can run Windows games like Cyberpunk 2077 thanks to new emulation software.

Sunday, June 11, 2023 at 6:01:55 PM, Indochina time.

MacOS does not have a huge portfolio of games. But games like Resident Evil Village or No Man’s Sky are supported by Apple hardware, according to The Verge However, thanks to a new software called the Game Porting Toolkit, Apple can take gaming support to the next level next. By introducing a fast translation layer for popular APIs and graphics for the macOS system.

At WWDC earlier this week, Apple announced plans to enable Windows game emulation through a new tool called the “Game Porting Toolkit.” Game developers, modders, and gamers can now use the Wine DX11/DX12-like translation layer to run their favorite games.

However, it is worth noting that DX12/Vulkan Wine localization does not always work without symptoms. And there are many optimization bugs needed to make the game playable. It also took a lot of software engineering time and effort to get Proton Valve support seamless on the Steam Deck.

But modders have had success running games like Cyberpunk 2077 or Diablo 4 on Apple M1 and M2 Max processors, but performance will vary. Gamers report that Cyberpunk can run under 15 FPS on the M1 system and around 40 FPS with Ultra settings on the M2 Max.

Cyberpunk 2077

Diablo IV on M2 Max

Other games like Diablo 4, Hogwarts Legacy, or even GTA Vice City have no issues running on Apple hardware either, and the M1 Max demo is also available.

Diablo IV on M2 Max using macOS Sonoma and game porting toolkit
by u/just_reload_it in macgaming

The legacy of Hogwarts

Hogwarts Legacy on M2 Max
by u/just_reload_it in macgaming

There are now dozens of other examples of DX11 and DX12 games running via GPT on the Mac Gaming-specific Subreddit, as CodeWeavers is delighted to learn that Apple has chosen CrossOver’s source code to emulate Windows games via its Game Porting Toolkit. While we won’t be working directly with the company for GPT, CodeWeavers is eager to work with game developers who want to port their games to macOS using their tools.