Apple Music Classical officially launches with iOS 16.4 – mashdigi

The previously announced classical music streaming service Apple Music officially launched today (3/28) with iOS version 16.4.


The predecessor to the Apple Music Classical service is Apple’s acquisition of the classical music streaming service Primephonic in 2021. It will operate in a standalone form and use a different icon logo.

According to Apple’s instructions, the Apple Music Classical service has included more than 5 million pieces of classical music content in the early stage. At the same time, the service will be included in the current Apple Music subscription plan, including the Original Apple Music and Apple One subscribers can use it directly, but using Apple Music The voice control solution does not include the content of the Apple Music Classical service.

As with the Apple Music service, the Apple Music Classical service is also provided by Apple with carefully recommended playlists, composer biographies, and music appreciation guides, 24-bit high resolution lossless audio quality to play music.

Currently, the Apple Music Classical service will be open to devices with iOS 15.4 and higher operating systems, and an Android platform version will also be launched later.


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