Apple Pay is set to open at Apple’s 4th Apple Store in Jamsil

Analysis of “Increasing marketing in Korea before the launch of Pay·iPhone 14”… iPhone 14 not displayed

The fourth Apple Store in Korea will enter Lotte World Mall in Jamsil, Songpa-gu, Seoul at 10:30 am on the 24th.

Apple unveiled the ‘Apple Jamsil’ store to reporters at a media preview event on the morning of the 22nd, two days before the opening.

Apple Jamsil is the third largest store in Korea after Apple Myeong-dong, which opened in April this year, and Apple Garosu-gil, which opened in January 2018.

You can experience the latest Apple products and various services including Apple Music and Apple TV Plus.

Wooden walls and tables made of domestic and foreign materials were installed, and the Apple logo glass facade, floors and graphic panels were installed.

According to Apple, the company practices carbon neutrality by operating on 100% renewable energy.

Apple will hold a ‘Today at Apple’ walking session at nearby Seokchon Lake to introduce customers to the latest features of the device and how to use them in their daily lives.

Apple explained that it will honor the culture and creativity of the Jamsil area.

Apple prepared an ‘art walk’ experience session at the event.

It is a work of painting the landscape of Seokchon Lake with the digital painting application ‘Procreate’ and then coloring it.

'Apple Pay imminent' Apple opens fourth Apple store in Jamsil (comprehensive)

Separate storage space is also provided between the walls so that products can be delivered directly from the warehouse to the store.

When a store employee puts a product in a drawer, a store employee opens it and picks it up.

However, Apple did not show the four iPhone 14 series, which are scheduled to be released next month.

According to the industry, the iPhone 14 series is scheduled to be released in Korea on the 7th of next month.

Pre-orders start on the 30th of this month.

The price starts at 1.25 million won for the base model, 1.35 million won for the plus, 1.55 million won for the Pro, and 1.75 million won for the Pro Max.

Apple Jamsil can be visited without reservation.

More than 115 staff who speak more than 10 languages ​​serve visitors.

Customers who visit on the first opening day will receive a gift.

“We are very pleased to be able to get closer to our customers in Jamsil by opening our fourth Apple Store in Korea,” said Deere O’Brien, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail and Human Resources.

As for Apple’s move, the dominant opinion is that Apple is strengthening its marketing in the Korean market before launching Apple Pay.

Apple recently stated in the ‘Apple Media Terms of Service’, when using Apple services, “If you add a payment method to your Apple Wallet, Apple can use Apple Pay to charge the payment method to your Apple Wallet from your choice.” he added.

Although Apple is extremely reluctant to talk about whether to introduce Apple Pay or not, there are analyzes that the launch of the Apple Pay service in Korea is imminent due to this revision of the terms and conditions.

According to payment industry officials, Apple is said to be in the process of finalizing negotiations regarding giving the Hyundai Card the exclusive right to use Apple Pay in Korea for one year.

Apple Pay was launched in the United States in 2014, but in Korea, its introduction has been delayed due to problems such as the burden of high fees and problems with the supply of NFC terminals.

There are also predictions that Apple is preparing a new Apple store in Gangnam Station and Hongdae.

According to the market research company Counterpoint Research, in the first quarter of this year, Apple’s domestic smartphone market share was 22%.

'Apple Pay imminent' Apple opens fourth Apple store in Jamsil (comprehensive)

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