Apple quietly puts on the “New Charger”!Can charge iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time-Free News 3C Technology

This is a MagSafe dual charger. (Picture / Photo from Apple’s official website)

iPhone 12 mini and 12 Pro Max will be available for pre-order this week.appleAt the same time, new products were quietly put on the shelves, and the “MagSafe dual charger” was officially put on the official website, allowing users to charge iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time.

The MagSafe dual charger is two square wireless charging pads strung together. The left side is MagSafe charging ring can support iPhone (iPhone 12 series support 15W, others only 7.5W), AirPods and other products. The smaller charging ring on the right is suitable for Apple Watch. In addition to laying flat, you can also stand the charger to make the watch Charge while standing.

Currently The MagSafe dual charger is not yet open for ordering, and the official price is 4,290 yuan.

MagSafe leather sheath. (Picture / Photo from Apple’s official website)

In addition, Apple has also put on the MagSafe leather protective case dedicated to the iPhone 12 series at a price of 1,790 yuan. It has been opened for users to order formally. There is also a brand new MagSafe leather case, the difference is that the phone can be completely stored, andThrough After MagSafe senses, it willThe small gap shows the time, the price is 4,290 yuan, and the order is not yet open.

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