Apple Releases HomePod 15.5.1 Update, Fixes Music Auto Stop Playing

Apple also released the official version 15.5.1 update for HomePod mini and HomePod, the most important thing is to fix the problem that the music automatically stops playing, and it is only a week away from the previous HomePod 15.5 update.

According to Apple’s update, it is known that both HomePod and HomePod mini have a problem that music may automatically stop playing for a short time. At present, Mr. Crazy also found that music from iPhone device AirPlay to HomePod will often automatically stop playing music.

If there is an issue with HomePod playing music that stops playing automatically, just update to HomePod 15.5.1 to fix and fix it.

Apple releases HomePod 15.5.1 update to fix music auto-stop playback issue

The HomePod update method, usually as long as you open the “Home App”, you will see the HomePod pop up the update notification, but Apple will use a delayed automatic update mechanism. If the HomePod update is not displayed, you can update it manually. For detailed steps, please refer to “HomePod update teaching operation (click I’m going)”.

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