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Apple announced December 7, local timemacOS 12.1Release Candy Date (RC) Has been released for developers and registered users. Several bug fixes have been confirmed. watchOS8.3 RC has also been released.

An official version with almost the same content is expected to be released soon

Released by ApplemacOS 12.1 RCThe build number for is 21C51. RC is the final version of the beta test, and it is expected that an official version for general users will be released soon with almost the same content.

SharePlay is available in macOS 12.1 RC, but the universal controls announced as a feature of macOS Monterey are not yet available.

As with iOS 15.2 RC, it has been announced that a low-priced Apple Music Voice plan will be available on macOS 12.1 with limited features.

In macOS 12.1 RC, the design of “Memory” that automatically collects the best shots with the “Photos” app, the warning display when a child sends and receives nude photos with the “Messages” app, the “Digital Heritage” of Apple ID, etc. New features are available.

Fixed charging issues on 16-inch MacBook Pro

On macOS 12.1 RC, some 16-inch MacBook Pro (2021 model) MagSafe 3 port cannot be charged properly, 2021 model MacBook Pro has kernel panic when playing HDR video on YouTube, menu bar expansion Fixed an issue where the display would be obscured by a notch.

In addition, the problem that the trackpad becomes unresponsive and the problem that the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are not powered from Thunderbolt or USB-C from the external display are also fixed.

watchOS8.3 RC also released

Apple has also released watchOS8.3 RC (build number: 19S55) for developers and registered users.

New features are available, such as support for Apple Music Voice plans and a privacy report that lets you know how many times your app has accessed your user information.

It also fixes an issue where some users were interrupted when notified during a mindfulness session.

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