Apple stopped signing iOS 16.4.1 after the release of iOS 16.5

After the release of iOS 16.5, Apple stopped signing ▲iOS 16.4.1 ▲iPadOS 16.4.1.

You can no longer restore or downgrade to previous versions of iOS after installing the iOS 16.5 update because the signature is broken. Apple regularly stops signing software updates for older versions after a new iOS version is released to encourage users to keep their operating system up to date.

The iOS 16.4.1 update was released on April 7 with important bug fixes and security updates, and iOS 16.5, released on the 18th of last month, adds a new Pride Celebration wallpaper for the lock screen to honor the LGBTQ+ community and culture. .

Also fixed an issue where podcasts might not load content in CarPlay ▲ an issue where Spotlight might stop responding ▲ an issue where Screen Time settings might reset or not sync across all devices. .


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