Apple supports TSMC to build a factory in the United States to install “American cores”. | blog post

Apple has once again announced its intention to seek a decentralized supply chain in order to reduce its reliance on Asia for chip procurement. TSMC founder Zhang Zhongmou confirmed that TSMC will set up the most advanced 3nm fab in the US. However, some analysts believe that if Apple abandons the existing industrial chain with supporting systems, high efficiency and low cost, and violates the law of resource allocation, Apple may lose its market advantage and encounter the “thin” reality.



In order to solve the dilemma that about 60% of US chip products are imported from other countries and regions, Apple will cooperate with TSMC, the world’s largest chip foundry, to let the latter produce chips on its for in the United States.

A few days ago, Apple CEO Cook said in an internal meeting that Apple plans to buy from a chip factory being built in Arizona, USA, which marks an important step for Apple to reduce its dependence on Asia in chips. Bloomberg believes Cook could be referring to the Arizona plant of his exclusive chip manufacturing partner TSMC.

The theme of the cover story of the latest issue of Taiwan’s “Business Weekly” is that the first batch of TSMC employees moved to Phoenix, USA with their families. Taiwan’s “United Daily News” said the Arizona plant is the largest overseas investment project planned by TSMC in recent years, with an investment of more than 12 billion US dollars. It is also the first chip factory to break into the advanced 5nm process, and has been highly appreciated by the United States.

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