Apple to Fix Bug Causing Overheating in iPhone 15 with iOS 17 Update

Apple Inc. announced yesterday that they are actively working to address a bug that is causing the new iPhone 15 smartphone to overheat during use. The company has recognized that certain conditions can lead to the device heating up more than expected, causing some users to feel that it is hotter than usual after a few days of use. Apple is committed to resolving this issue through a software update to the iOS 17 operating system. They will be collaborating with app developers, particularly those associated with apps such as Instagram, Uber, and the racing game Asphalt 9, as these seem to contribute to the overheating problem. Additionally, a bug has been identified in iOS 17, affecting some users, which will also be addressed with a software update. Apple assures customers that they are committed to providing a seamless user experience and will continue to work diligently to resolve any reported issues.

SAN FRANCISCO, October 3 – Apple Inc. said yesterday that We are working to fix a bug that is one of the reasons why the recently released iPhone 15 smartphone heats up quickly while in use.

Apple said It will fix the problem with the software of the operating system iOS 17. Software updates and will cooperate with application developers from some companies involved in the problem of the device will heat up quickly. Apple said it has identified conditions that cause the phones to heat up more than expected. Some iPhone 15 units may feel that It was hotter than usual after starting to use it for a few days. This is due to the increase in basic activity. Additionally, a bug was discovered in iOS 17 that affected some users and will be resolved with a software update. Another problem encountered is updates to apps other than Apple’s. This causes the system to become overloaded. Among the apps that appear to cause the chip inside iPhones to heat up are Instagram, Uber and the racing game Asphalt 9 (Asphalt 9) – Thai News Agency

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