Apple Vision Pro comes with a new biometric system “Optic ID”

Apple Optic ID

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Fingerprint recognition has Apple Touch ID, and facial recognition has Face ID, but neither is suitable for the headset’s Vision Pro. Therefore, the mixed reality device will feature a new “Optic ID” system for biometric identification. ID Optic uses invisible infrared light to scan your iris, and then compares the stored iris information for verification. Like other biometric systems, Optic ID will be used for unlocking the machine itself, making purchases on the App Store, Apple Pay, and autofill authentication.

Apple emphasizes that your iris information is encrypted and stored in a “secure section” on the device. It never leaves the device, and the app can’t read it. Like FaceID, Apple does not actually save the image, but the representative data extracted from the image, so there is no need to worry about the risk if it is secured.

In addition to Optic ID, other sensor information collected by Vision Pro is also protected by layers of privacy. Camera and eye tracking information is processed locally on the hardware, so neither Apple nor third-party companies have access to your gaze data. At the same time, third-party apps cannot get the images captured by the camera, in order to spy on your environment. On the other hand, if you’re using Vision Pro’s camera or video function, your front display will flash to tell others you’re shooting.

Apple products have always paid attention to the “start” experience of the product. Whether it is the original Touch ID or Face ID, they try their best to be invisible in the user experience without additional unlocking steps. ID Optic is no exception here. Even if Face ID or Touch ID cannot be applied easily, it can also hide the unlocking experience, so that users can start using the device when they wear it.


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