Apple Watch has a great patent, the camera is hidden on the back of the watch, it can take photos directly and generate 3D avatars- Qooah

Recently, in the list published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Apple has obtained a new technology patent for Apple Watch, revealing some whimsy of the designer.

The patent description presents a strange application scenario, that is, Apple plans to equip the back of the Apple Watch with a lens that allows the wearer to take a Face ID image. Captured images can be used for 2D/3D avatars used in Apple Watch, Apple AR/VR headsets.

Obviously, Apple showed us the patent-related design sketches, and learned that the lens can not only shoot faces to produce virtual batteries. The Apple Watch can also act as a controller for communicating with each other in virtual environments.

In the future, Apple will incorporate more sensors into the Apple Watch to capture the wearer’s facial features, eye features, fingerprints and other biometric information, and even recognize the user’s eye gaze, air gestures, voice commands and clicking gestures Humanized and convenient The input method makes life more “intelligent”.


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