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“Apple Watch Series 7” haste photo review, body size has evolved to a large screen and all information is easier to see –GIGAZINE

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Held on September 15, 2021Apple’s new product launch eventAppeared in “Apple Watch Series 7Was released on October 15, 2021 (Friday). Since the purchase amount has arrived at the GIGAZINE editorial department, I will open it immediately and take pictures while checking what kind of terminal it is.

Apple Watch Series 7 – Apple(日本)

The package of “Apple Watch Series 7” looks like this. The center of the white box is recessed and bears the Apple Watch logo.

There is a description of the contents on the back of the box. I bought the 41mm blue aluminum case of Apple Watch Series 7 and the Abyss (color) of the new band “Sports Loop”.

If you remove the circular clasp on the back of the outer box …

It opens with Pakari.

It looks like there’s one box inside, but the Apple Watch Series 7 itself and the box that contains the band are separate.

First, open the box containing the Apple Watch Series 7 main unit. Break the sticker on the back of the box along the green arrow.

Then the box can be opened like this.

A dedicated charging cable under the quick starter guide. From the one that came with Apple Watch Series 7. The feature is that the charging cable has been changed to one that supports USB-C. Like the 2020 Apple Watch Series 6 / SE, it doesn’t come with a USB adapter.

The main body is wrapped in a paper case like this.

This is the main body case. The main body case of Apple Watch Series 4 or later was two sizes of 40 mm and 44 mm, but from Apple Watch Series 7, it has changed to two sizes of 41 mm and 45 mm. A 40mm band can be used for the 41mm case, and a 44mm band can be used for the 45mm case.

The model name etc. are engraved on the back of the case so as to surround the sensor as before.

There are letters in the groove for attaching the band on the top …

There is nothing on the bottom. Up to Apple Watch Series 6 used by Apple to diagnose Apple WatchTerminalThere was, but it is no longer Apple Watch Series 7.

Speaker on the left side.

Digital crown and side buttons on the right side.

Then open the band.

If you break the sticker on the back of the box containing the band in the direction of the green arrow …


I bought a new sports loop.

To attach it, first slide the fastener on the side of the band marked “40 mm” on the top side of the main unit as shown below.

After that, just slide and fasten the other side in the same way.

This completes.

The sports band is a loop that allows you to adjust the fastening position steplessly, but the feature is that the edges do not come off the fastener.Braided solo loopIt is difficult to finely adjust the size of the band without fasteners such as, and the same fastening position as the sports band can be adjusted steplessly.Leather linkIf you remove the fastener, the band will not be in a ring, so it may fall off your arm and you need to be careful when putting it on and taking it off. On the other hand, the new sports band can be freely fastened so that the tip of the band does not come off the fastener, so it forms a tight ring when putting on and taking off, and there is less worry about falling from the arm.

The band is fastened with Velcro and can be fixed with the following different colored parts.

The fixed part feels different from the rest of the band, but it doesn’t feel as tingling as cheap velcro.

So, the Apple Watch Series 7 with the band attached looks like this.

When the 41mm case Apple Watch Series 7 (right) is lined up with the 40mm case Apple Watch SE (left), it looks like this. The size of the case does not seem to change much, but you can see that the display area is clearly wider and the bezel is much smaller.

With the new dial “Outline” for Apple Watch Series 7, it seems that you can make effective use of the large screen that fills the glass surface.

You may be worried about the display getting bigger and the battery running out, butAlways onWith the “function”, after a certain period of time or when you lower your wrist, the display becomes dark and the dial displays the minimum amount of information, which saves battery power.

The selling price of Apple Watch Series 7 is from 48,800 yen including tax.

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